Saturday, April 18, 2015

Current Protocol

For those of you wondering about me and wondering about my protocol, this is just an update on my status and what I am doing for a healing protocol at this time.
I will begin writing more on my blog now. There will be another new post soon.

As for my health, I recently had my first HCG test done. ( I would encourage everyone to use this test) It measures exactly HOW MUCH cancer is in your body.
The number results can go into the 10,000's. A result of less than 50 means negative. My results were 52.6, classified as faintly positive!!! I was thrilled and so grateful considering I started with 9 tumors.

Traveling on this journey I learn and research all the time. As a result, I have adjusted my protocol over the last few years.
Here is what I do now....this is by no means telling anyone what they should do. I recommend doing research of your own and deciding what is best for you. and (their videos: The Quest for the Cures are a must see for learning, directing and guiding) these are a few great places to start.
I still do 3 detoxing coffee enemas a day.
I still drink a couple of green juices a day and about 4 carrot juices. Sometimes there are some smoothies added in there.
I eat a gluten free diet, mostly vegetarian. Once in a great while I have a little organic meat. No sugar, I use Stevia and honey for sweeteners if needed.
I use the Budwig Protocol ...which is the cottage cheese, flax seed oil, flax seed combo every day. It took me a while to get on board with this protocol but I found it to be very effective for myself and others. and there is a great video on youtube to explain how to do it. Just look up budwig protocol and the ladies name that does the video is Sandra Olsen.
I take:
 Beta 1,3d Glucan one for every 50 pounds you weigh
Vitamin D3 I take 20000 IU a day
B17 (NOVODALIN) this in combination with DMG (B15) and zinc to make the B17 do its job.
chlorella *
Vitamin C powder* these three from HealthForce (amazon or their web page) in mega doses
MegaZymes proteolytic enzymes 20 a day
vitamin e
Vitamin B12
vitamin B6
Essiac Tea 9 capsules a day
Grape Seed Extract
I drink Jason Winters tea. several cups a day
I think that is everything. I take a few other things for other issues I have but these are to combat the cancer and my immune system.
I use the
I walk.
I spend time praying, and quiet time because God is everything and your mental state is everything!!
I do things I enjoy like papercrafting. :)
Be happy!! Give this to God. Close the door to fear. It is either fear or faith. They cannot operate together. You  have to choose.
I pray you will choose life and happiness and good health. Your body needs to heal itself and it can if you give it what it nees. take care and many blessings.

How to do a Coffee Enema

Enema supplies at



I buy organic coffee from for therapy use. I do three enemas a day, so I usually make enough for 4 at one time. I boil 16 cups of water, suppose to be distilled, I don't always use distilled. I know it is better, but to me it is just another expense. When that starts to boil, I add 12 rounded TB of coffee. It will bubble. Then I let it boil for three minutes. Put on a lid and turn off the stove. Let it set for 15 minutes then strain into a pitcher. When you are ready for a "coffee break", measure out 4 cups and warm in a pan on the stove, not the microwave....I got rid of my microwave.... just warm enough to be comfortable. Not hot.


Run warm water in your bathtub a few inches deep. Hang your bucket or enema bag on the shower rod. Lay on  your right side. Vaseline the tip...insert and using the clip to stop and start flow, release a little to get a slow flow. You may have to release a little more every few minutes then clamp it again. Back and forth. It takes about 12 minutes to run all the coffee in and then you need to try to hold it for 15 minutes. In the beginning you may only hold it for 5 minutes, then build it up to 7 minutes, then 9 etc...It will get easier. YOU HAVE TO COMPLETELY relax. Let your mind imagine you are floating on the ocean water, completely relaxed. It helps when your stomach wants to spasm, to breathe like you are in labor, panting and mentally help your lower body relax. when you can't hold it anymore, try to breathe and get the spasm stopped then stand up take out the tube and sit on the toilet to expel. I usually have a towel folded on the side of the tub in case I need it and I cover me with it  once I sit on the toilet. And I usually have my phone in there with soft classical music on. I use this time to pray, nap and sometimes I read on kindle on my phone. It took me a couple of times of making a mess, the third time I had it down. And now my body is so use to it that it is no problem to hold it 15 minutes, then it starts to spasm and I know its time to get out. The reason for the 15 minutes... all the blood in  your body cycles through your liver once every three minutes. So if you hold it 15 min it is cycling through 5 times flushing out while you are in there. :)