Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Papa's Garden

It is the best place to be!
You can take the deepest breath and exhale...peace.
You can walk the "path of life" for exercise,
 just to enjoy the sunshine and the scent of flowers or the sound of water fountains.
You feel calmness.
You are being cared for with the utmost in sincere love and care and knowledge.
You are healing.
This is the answer!
You know in your heart and soul...
This is going to be GOOD!
This is "Papa's Garden" and .....

In the quiet times I have several times a day, many months ago, God planted in my heart a dream.
A God-sized dream.
Bigger than I could ever imagine.
Each day He would show me more and more of this "place", in the Texas Hill Country.
A healing place.
A place, for all who are affected by cancer or other degenerative diseases, where they can come to learn about alternative NATURAL ways to heal their bodies.
There is no one after their money, no one trying to give them things to make them feel bad or kill them.
Just the opposite.
It feels like home.
There is comfortable furniture, a porch with rocking chairs, the "path of life" to walk with a friend or alone with benches along the way to sit and enjoy the peace.
We will attend to mind, body and soul with classes to teach....
 natural healing with nutrition,
 living vegetarian
learning about supplements,
cooking vegetarian,
how to juice,
how to garden, and more.
There will be support groups for various diseases,
Bible studies,
exercise classes,
craft classes,
games and social times.
A juice bar, a natural snack bar

It is so important that this place honor and glorify God with everything pointing to Him, being the creator of all that heals us naturally and Him BEING our healer.
This dream is part of my story which is, in essence, His story.

At first, I was so excited about this place because I could not and cannot stomach how many people are so very ill with cancer and the chemo that is wrenching their bodies. So the opportunity, to teach people how to heal naturally, to offer a haven from the stress, and to give hope ...made me ecstatic.

After I began talking to some influential people about this, they, inadvertently, made me realize this is a multi million dollar, on going project.
That hit me hard. I let it get me down for a few days, thinking that idea was crazy...a whim.
Then I was reminded about the story of Esther and her uncle Mordecai who told her:
"Don't think for a moment that you will escape there in the palace when all other Jews are killed. If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place but you and your relatives will die. What's more, who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?"
Esther was inside the gate, where she could make a difference for those outside the gate. It was up to her. She was there at a specific time in history for that purpose.
For a time such as this.....I am where I am

"not to make an impression, but to make a difference...
“You’ve got to use the life you’ve been given to give others life. If your life isn’t about giving relief — you don’t get real life. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?
You have got to use your position inside the gate for those outside the gate – or you’re in the position of losing everything."....Ann VosKamp

The reason you are inside the gate for such a time as this is to risk your life for those outside the gate.
We all need to be doing this. We are in this life together.

God is persistent. He pursues our hearts and souls and He pursues US.
I finally let Him catch me and heard him loud and clear.
"PAPA'S GARDEN" was born.
Back to THE garden! The way we were always suppose to live...
natural, healthy, depending on God.
We have already received our Articles of Corporation recognizing "Papa's Garden" as an official nonprofit organization. We are in the process of filing all of the rest of the necessary paperwork with the government. (When I say "we", God has already brought professionals and caring people along side who are ready to offer their services volunteering at "Papa's Garden")
This is so much bigger than I can get my mind around. But so is God. :)

He is always  up to something big and I am honored to be a part of whatever that is.
Because I am inside the gate right now, there is an urgency inside me to help those outside the gate.
And I am so excited at the possibility of helping people learn how to heal naturally, and to give them hope.
This is another reason it is so important for me to make this trip to the Sedona Healing Center. For my own healing, as well as learning more about helping others.
I have a long way to go to meet the financial need but God will provide.
God's provision is us. :)
When we answer the calling to meet a need, we are the hand of just the right time.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Your chance to help

Due to a couple of other health issues that I have, it has became difficult to juggle these and healing the cancer naturally. In light of that, my family wants to send me to the Sedona Wellness Center in Sedona, Arizona, so that I can be cared for by doctors and caregivers who support the Gerson Therapy and learn how to take care of my body in a way that it all works in sync and allows for maximum healing of the cancer.
I will go for three weeks and then be in better condition and better educated to continue with the natural healing. And hopefully by that time, there won't be much healing left to be done. :)
This is a very expensive trip. Because this whole event in our lives has stretched us financially beyond our limits, we are trying to raise the money for me to go to the Wellness Center. I have set up an account on line if anyone would like to help, I would be so grateful and it would mean a lot to me.

In an upcoming blog, I want to tell you about a dream God has given me about helping others in their healing. After this is all over, I look forward to Him making this dream a reality because my eyes have been open to how very  many people have been invaded by this wretched disease and it is heartbreaking. 

Eucharisteo! The thanks comes before the miracle. So in advance, I want to send a thank you and a hug to everyone who feels led to donate and help us.
Blessings to you.  or just go to the website and type in my name Kay Hahn

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dove Eyes

Did you know that a dove has a binocular visual field?
 It is only able to focus on a single object at a time.

My recent cat scans showed all but one of the tumors have shrunk by 2mm each!
All the results of healing by natural means.
This should have been great news.
I should have been jumping up and down.
But I wasn't.

My focus had shifted.
 I was, this day, glaring at the medical issues, the problems, instead of the One who was in control.
 The good news was overshadowed by the fact that I was told my sugar was really high. (I have been a diabetic since 2004 as a result of a volley ball size tumor on my pancreas...but I kept it under control with diet and exercise until fall of 2011)
I knew I had not been taking care of my sugar, not even checking my glucose, because I was too busy trying to take care of the cancer. I just didn't think it had gotten this bad.
The reason this bothered me so deeply, was the fact that all that sugar in my body was feeding the cancer.
I was, in essence, sabotaging my own best efforts to heal naturally.

So even though my doctor was so pleased he told me to get my sugar under control, keep doing my natural routine and come back in SIX months. I said, "Three months?"
"No," he said, "six months is fine".
This scientist, this inventor of certain kinds of chemotherapy drugs, this caring doctor, was now a believer. He felt positive about the therapy I am doing.
But all I could focus on was......
my sugar is high and it kept the tumors from shrinking more than they were....
 and it was my fault!!

When we get our focus off of the One who is always in control, always loving, always caring, it is like walking a tight rope and looking down when you know you should never look down.
Suddenly there is fear, anxiety and focus on the problems at hand, which seem like mountains that won't move.
The evil in this world wants us to feel this fear and anxiety. He uses this against us more than anything else.
After all that I have been through...
I know better.
I know these roads signs.
I have been down this trail before.
But human I am.
Thankfully I am human with a new name on my forehead.
Friends and family kept pointing out to me how awesome was the news that I didn't have to go back to the doctor for six months. This is GREAT news for a cancer patient.
Then I heard God tell me...
"I'm still in control"
"Haven't I brought you through this?"
"My love remains."
"Be thankful for this good report."
"There are so many praying for you."
Then I realized all these things He was telling me, were all my blogs!!!
I had to go back over all of them for my own use....
Yes, I am just only in the middle of my story. This is not the end.
In the blink of an eye my whole life changed...for the better. :) I like myself so much more now that God has got a hold of me.
His love for me is the One thing that always remains!
I am getting through this because of Him.
I do know, how much He loves me. Much more than I ever imagined.
Eucahristeo! I am so very, very thankful.
I have paid and am paying a high cost going through all that I have and the high fiscal cost of the natural remedies, but He paid an even higher cost for me.
I am letting God handle this....I CANNOT do it.
I know that I am delightful to him and He has become ever more delightful to me.
I have had so many intercessors join in praying on my behalf and I am deeply thankful.
I KNOW how I want this to turn out and for that to happen I have to take the good remedy He offers, I have to trust Him. I have to believe in what He offers and I have to believe Him, and His power and ability.
I now know, through what He has given us on this earth, I can have nutritional  healing for everything that ails me! Eating all of the vegetables and drinking  my 10 specific vegetable juices every day has made me feel so good. It has healed terrible left over effects of chemotherapy and has caused the cancer in my body to be more and more diminished with the last two cat scans I have had.

And even though He has opened my eyes to really see all the little "secrets of  life" around me,
I have to remember to keep my focus on Him at all times,
 just as if I had that same dove like binocular vision field.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Secret of Life

Is it a race against time or is it living on borrowed time?
I don't believe either one of these but I have heard both of these statements from cancer patients, along with....
Get out your bucket list.
Pray for a miracle.
Live each day to the fullest.
Be happy.
I had someone tell me recently they didn't understand what that meant to be happy. She was content she said, but happy depended on the day. I think your outlook shapes your life more than your life shapes your outlook. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to what happens to you.

What does it take to be happy?
Will finding the secret of life make you happy and....What  is the secret of life?
I read where this question was put to a group of monks and their response is right on target. The monks say that the secret is to find God in the present moment. The secret is all around you. Here are some of my "secrets of life". :)
the sound of crickets on a summer night
hymns gliding out the open windows of a country church
catching lightening bugs
my grandmother's chicken pie
the cool side of a pillow
freshly painted toe nails
getting on your knees to pray
new socks
the smell of new sneakers
picking the first veggies from your garden
the sweet smell of strawberries
lifting the lid when the homemade ice cream is finished
pictures taken holding lots of memories
a new box of crayons
long evening walks
the feel of your toes in the newly plowed garden dirt
having the spirit to never take no for an answer
the rush of the ocean waves against my legs
someone surprising me with flowers
that feeling when the house is completely clean
my kids telling me, "You rock, Mom"
cuddling a newborn
creating crafts
jingle bells
laughing so hard you cry
the sound of wind chimes outside my sunroom
loving neighbors bringing over banana bread
the beautiful way God paints the sky every day! 
Candace's curls
Ashley's silky hair
my husband's strong hands
my sons
a good friend's voice on the other end of a telephone ring
going to the movies
helping someone
gazing on city lights as I land from an evening flight
letters in the mail
sweet pea lotion
being called Mama
being called Nana
God light
God wink's in my life
Lazy Summer Day geraniums
freckles on my kids faces
changing leaves in the fall
birds that sing outside my bedroom window, in the dark, at 3:00 a.m.
loving friends praying over me
scrapbook paper
tree branches making a tunnel over the road
fields of blue bonnets
loving friends praying over me
hearing the turning of the crinkly pages of my Bible
someone getting up early and making me a full days vegetable juices
having a good cry
piano music
burning the good candles
using the good dishes
praying for others
singing Christmas carols in July
sitting up all night talking
trying not to laugh when your in trouble for something that was fun
jeans that fit just right
sitting on a porch swing watching it rain
traveling to far corners of the world
strolling through back streets of exotic places
airport souvenirs
smiling at strangers
having dear friends all over the world
being someone's helping hand
knowing God loves me
knowing God takes care of me
following my heart
having faith
being so blessed
being thankful every day
The secret of life is no secret!
The secret is sprinkled all over your life. It's celebrating what already is. Right here. Right now. All around you.
This was just a SMALL piece of my list. Not only are these some things that have made my life happy but they are things that I am so thankful for. They are all gifts.
 I would like for you all to comment and send me some "secret of life" from your life. Tell me some of those little things that make you happy from your story.
Drink  your juice
Eat your vegetables
take your supplements
Ask God to heal you
Have faith..believe He will
enjoy your moments
Heal. Be well.
Be Happy :)