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Due to a couple of other health issues that I have, it has became difficult to juggle these and healing the cancer naturally. In light of that, my family wants to send me to the Sedona Wellness Center in Sedona, Arizona, so that I can be cared for by doctors and caregivers who support the Gerson Therapy and learn how to take care of my body in a way that it all works in sync and allows for maximum healing of the cancer.
I will go for three weeks and then be in better condition and better educated to continue with the natural healing. And hopefully by that time, there won't be much healing left to be done. :)
This is a very expensive trip. Because this whole event in our lives has stretched us financially beyond our limits, we are trying to raise the money for me to go to the Wellness Center. I have set up an account on line if anyone would like to help, I would be so grateful and it would mean a lot to me.

In an upcoming blog, I want to tell you about a dream God has given me about helping others in their healing. After this is all over, I look forward to Him making this dream a reality because my eyes have been open to how very  many people have been invaded by this wretched disease and it is heartbreaking. 

Eucharisteo! The thanks comes before the miracle. So in advance, I want to send a thank you and a hug to everyone who feels led to donate and help us.
Blessings to you.  or just go to the website and type in my name Kay Hahn


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