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Speak Life

It has been about 21 months since I wrote on this blog. 
For all those wondering if I am still on planet earth---YES!! I am. And I feel pretty terrific. 
Life has just been extremely...well, full of wanderlust. Many changes.  Some uprooting, some ups and downs. 
So for you who run across this blog looking for an answer to cancer or seeking a life line for yourself or a loved one, stay with me for a bit and I will give you some updated healing protocol information. 

Life happens.
To all of us.
A sickness, an illness, an accident, a divorce, a death. 
A moment...that shatters us like never before---your world in a thousand pieces on the floor.
You cry out--- you worry life will never be what you knew life to be. You flounder, you listen to all of the bad voices. You feel beaten down, you worry, you sink into darkness, despair and maybe even fear. You go through each day holding your breath.

The very bad part is not what's happening but the fact that most of us stay there in that paralyz…