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Out of the Darkness

Have you ever been in a room so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face?
Been in a dark place outside where you are trying to make out what you see ahead of you? It looks to be one thing but the darkness has it so distorted and when you come upon it, it is totally different than what you thought you saw?
Darkness distorts our vision in a big way.
But darkness is only the absence of light.
Trying to get a child use to the dark,  you turn the light on, have them look around then turn the light off and back on to show them everything is still the same. But when they look around in the dark there are shadows that make scary images, seeming like there are things present that are not real.
Fear enters because of distorted vision...
and not trusting that their parents are in the room and not trusting their own experience that these bad images are not in their rooms in the light.
We live in a fallen world.
In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam. They had a relationship...loving,…