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A Choice We Have To Make

Some people's journey's are short trips...
some last a long lifetime.
I don't know how long mine will last but I am so thankful He is in the drivers seat.
There are days when I wish this part of my journey was over.
This chapter closed.
But all things are in God's time.
He has the whole map and knows what stops are best along the way.
If I rushed past onto what I think is the best destination, I will most definitely miss
encounters I need to have,
sights I must see,
lessons I must learn,
experiences I will be blessed with.
These days, there are divine appointments on just about a weekly basis.
He amazes me at every turn.
It seems precious folks with a cancer diagnosis are climbing out of the woodwork.
The evil one is running rampant, that's for sure.
I want people to know God loves them so much. And among all this evil in the world, all these attacks on us...
He has provided ways for deliverance of our souls for eternity, through life giving blood of Christ,  and deliverance of o…

FULL of Healthy Life Changing Information!!!!

Do you know why so many people are dying of cancer?
Do you know why the word cancer strikes fear and anxiety into millions of people?
Do you know why most doctors  think cancer is a death sentence?
Listen closely....

I know any kind of diagnosis that is cancer or another degenerative disease, can throw you off kilter.
Can cloud your brain.
Can send you into a panic.
Please hear me...stop!
Take a deep breath,
 take some time to think.
You are not in the grave. Your still sitting in the same spot you were 10 minutes ago before you knew the diagnosis. The only thing that has changed from last week, last month, is knowledge.
Now you know something you didn't know before.
So, take the time to obtain even more knowledge.
Knowledge that will truly help you.

Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells. We all have them.
What makes the abnormal cells in some of us start growing more than others is what we eat, our environment and our lifestyle.
These are all things y…

How Big Is Your Cross?

Have you ever heard that story about a man who told Jesus his cross was too heavy for him to bear?
Jesus takes him to a room full of crosses and tells him he can exchange his for one of the ones in this room. When the man enters the room,he sees a room full of crosses....ALL bigger than his own.
He asks to have his old cross back, for it no longer seems as heavy as it once did
We have bad days. 
We have tragedies.
We have a scary diagnosis. 
But someone, somewhere is having a worse day, a worse tragedy, a worse diagnosis.
Nothing that happens to us surprises God.
He knows all.
Sometimes the bad situations in our lives are caused by or a result of  the choices that we have made...
that old free will!
Sometimes it is evil coming against us.
Whatever the reason, you can be assured that God is already at work, making something good come of the situation. Creating a day ahead where you will rejoice and breathe deeper again.
So the question is, would you have made other choices if you had known what …