Friday, August 30, 2013

A Choice We Have To Make

Some people's journey's are short trips...
some last a long lifetime.
I don't know how long mine will last but I am so thankful He is in the drivers seat.
There are days when I wish this part of my journey was over.
This chapter closed.
But all things are in God's time.
He has the whole map and knows what stops are best along the way.
If I rushed past onto what I think is the best destination, I will most definitely miss
encounters I need to have,
sights I must see,
lessons I must learn,
experiences I will be blessed with.
These days, there are divine appointments on just about a weekly basis.
He amazes me at every turn.
It seems precious folks with a cancer diagnosis are climbing out of the woodwork.
The evil one is running rampant, that's for sure.
I want people to know God loves them so much. And among all this evil in the world, all these attacks on us...
He has provided ways for deliverance of our souls for eternity, through life giving blood of Christ,  and deliverance of our bodies from sickness and disease through the life giving plants on our planet.
Both of these come to us by Believing and acceptance.
Believing and accepting deep in our spirits so there is no doubt, for the salvation of our soul and believing and accepting with no doubt or no fear, that HE CAN and WILL heal you from the disease wrenching your physical body.
Fear is probably the greatest tool used against us.
Far too effective in many instances.
Through the last year and a half, I have kept a positive attitude, for the most part. But there have been a few times when I have been attacked as well with the weapon of fear.
Either I have to choose fear....
 or I have to completely trust Him.
 One cannot exist if the other is true.
Fear and faith cannot operate at the same time.

Sometimes it is a hard fight.
It takes a lot of prayer, reading God's scriptures and claiming the divine power that is available to me.
Laughter and getting outside and breathing deep also helps.
Speaking life and thankfulness.
If I'm not speaking life, then I am speaking poison.
A negative attitude, whether in the mind or emotions and/or a heart of fear can give an open door for an attack on our physical bodies.
I REFUSE to accept the fear. It is a lie.

"Our desire for a miracle must be so intense we believe in our spirit that it is already done.
Doubt and unbelief are deadly.  He is my Healer and Deliverer."
Just remember that nothing surprises God. And no matter how much our world shakes, rattles and rolls, He never moves.
I am here to tell you there is so much hope and healing just waiting for you.
"Do Not Be Afraid." That message....straight from God himself.
Trust Him to take away your fear and anxiety and trust him for healing. He is the only way and only one, on the earth and beyond who can deliver our souls and our bodies.
The Only One.
Be Safe in His care.
All fear is but the notion that God's love ends.
"Did you think I end, that I will not be enough? I am infinite, child."

Friday, August 16, 2013

FULL of Healthy Life Changing Information!!!!

Do you know why so many people are dying of cancer?
Do you know why the word cancer strikes fear and anxiety into millions of people?
Do you know why most doctors  think cancer is a death sentence?
Listen closely....

I know any kind of diagnosis that is cancer or another degenerative disease, can throw you off kilter.
Can cloud your brain.
Can send you into a panic.
Please hear me...stop!
Take a deep breath,
 take some time to think.
You are not in the grave. Your still sitting in the same spot you were 10 minutes ago before you knew the diagnosis. The only thing that has changed from last week, last month, is knowledge.
Now you know something you didn't know before.
So, take the time to obtain even more knowledge.
Knowledge that will truly help you.

Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells. We all have them.
What makes the abnormal cells in some of us start growing more than others is what we eat, our environment and our lifestyle.
These are all things you can change. And IF you can change these contributors, then you can change the direction of the cancer!
YOU can.

If our car is broken, we don't fix it by throwing gasoline all over it and setting it on fire. That only makes the situation worse. That would be killing the car.
Well, why would  you want to do the same thing to your own body?
How will throwing liquid fire into your body help it to be healthy again?

Contrary to what the doctors are telling you, you don't have to take chemo and radiation.  And you CAN be well again.
Of course, the choice is yours.
The doctors for years have been attempting to treat this disease in the wrong way and failing. Yet they keep doing it and have convinced us, this is the only way. This causes fear in everyone. The chemo and the radiation is what kills.
Cancer is not a death sentence and is not passed down from your mother and grandmother. The thing that is passed down is the bad way we eat and our lifestyle.

Now that I have been through 7 kinds of chemo that did not help me at all but only destroyed parts of my body and now that I am healing naturally, (continual shrinkage of cancer shown in two cat scans)  I hate hearing that anyone is going to go through chemotherapy or radiation.
I want to yell, "Please STOP, please DON'T!"
I have done lots of research, I am trying lots of different protocols, and talking to natural survivors....
I now know...
Loads of people are living, breathing proof.
I want to load this blog post up with information and knowledge for you. And if you have any questions please email me at or comment on this post and I will get back with you.
Empower yourself with knowledge.
Take the steps needed for a healthy body and life.
Drink high alkaline water
Stop using fluoride, stop eating processed food, meat, sugar, salt, dairy and foods high in GMOs.
Exercise *see*
Enjoy life.
Pray and Believe God for all the healing for mind, body and soul that He offers.
GIVE THANKS! Even as you pray.
Thanksgiving precedes the miracle. :)

The Gerson Therapy
Healing the Gerson Way
Crazy Sexy Cancer
The China Study
The China Study cookbook
The Hallelujah Diet
God's Way to Ultimate Healing
The Cancer Battle Plan
You Can Beat Lung Cancer
One Thousand Gifts
The Circle Maker
Satan, You Can't Have My Miracle
The Shack
The Shack Revisited
Prayers that Bring Healing & Activate Blessings
A Short Guide to a Happy Life


The Beautiful Truth
Forks Over Knives
Food, Inc.
Food Matters-Hungry for Change
The Gerson Miracle
Dying to Have Known

Suggested Supplements:
Cell Food
Essiac Tea
Vitamin C
Chlorella (Health Force)
Spirulina(Health Force)
CoEnzyme Q10
Vitamin B12
Flaxseed oil
Vitamin D
Liver Extract
VitaMineral Green (Health Force)
Kyolic Garlic Extract
Frankincense Essential Oil

No meat, sugar, salt, dairy, processed foods or high in GMO
No aspartame
No caffeine
Eat Organic

Garlic, cruciferous vegetables, onions, tomatoes, leeks, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli...
these are just a few.... refer to the Gerson and chrisbeatcancer  websites listed above for more food info. Also, is a vegan chef. She is wonderful and so are her recipes.

There are many recipes for smoothies and for good juices. However, it is proven, and you can read testimonies on chrisbeatcancer, that pure carrot juice can heal your body in wonderful ways.
The Gerson Therapy subscribes a few very specific juices.
Fresh squeezed orange juice
carrot juice
carrot and apple juice

Green juice recipe:  Dark green lettuces – ¼ to ½ of a head (depending on the size of the lettuce): red and green leaf    lettuces, romaine, endives.  Iceberg is useless and do not use  Escarole – 2 or 3 leaves  Beet tops (young inner leaves) – 2 to 3 leaves  Watercress – 5 or 6 leaves  Red cabbage – 2 or 3 leaves  Green bell pepper – ¼  Swiss chard – little  Green apple – 1   
"My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Col.2:2-3

I am not only battling the cancer but my body has a couple of other health issues that tend to battle the juicing and vegan eating I am trying to do. So I am trying to raise money to go to the Wellness retreat clinic in Sedona, AZ where they use the Gerson Therapy to help to get these other health issues in line and regulated with the cancer battling juicing and vegan eating. I also believe this would help me to help others with the knowledge. If you would like to help me by donating you can go to or via the mail Go Fund Me P.O. Box 2487 Boerne, TX 78006
Thank you so much.
Be blessed. :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

How Big Is Your Cross?

Have you ever heard that story about a man who told Jesus his cross was too heavy for him to bear?
Jesus takes him to a room full of crosses and tells him he can exchange his for one of the ones in this room. When the man enters the room,he sees a room full of crosses....ALL bigger than his own.
He asks to have his old cross back, for it no longer seems as heavy as it once did
We have bad days. 
We have tragedies.
We have a scary diagnosis. 
But someone, somewhere is having a worse day, a worse tragedy, a worse diagnosis.
Nothing that happens to us surprises God.
He knows all.
Sometimes the bad situations in our lives are caused by or a result of  the choices that we have made...
that old free will!
Sometimes it is evil coming against us.
Whatever the reason, you can be assured that God is already at work, making something good come of the situation. Creating a day ahead where you will rejoice and breathe deeper again.
So the question is, would you have made other choices if you had known what the future was going to hold for you?

 "Just that maybe....maybe  you don't want to change the story because you don't know what a different ending holds." (Ann Voscamp)

I can tell you if, I had known years ago, I would be diagnosed with cancer, and given the opportunity, I would have changed my future to hold a different ending.
And I would have made the biggest mistake of my life.

There is a reason I am not writing the story and God is.
He knows how it all works out, where it all leads, what it all means.
I don't.
The 'why' in me simply does not understand some things...
but He does.
To us, it may seem like He is working too slow or not at all.
But He keeps trying to tell us, to show us....
 to take one step at time.
 He gave the Israelites manna each morning...just enough for that day (except the day before the Sabbath).
He says He is a light unto our path...not a light for the whole road, or the whole future....just the path in front of us...
He says He gives us our DAILY bread....enough for today
He says His grace is sufficient for us. sufficient-enough.
Enough. all that we need.
I can tell you this waiting...this slow pace... is very hard for a type A personality, like myself.
One thing I need loads of grace for is WAITING. I don't wait well. But it is in this waiting place where He sometimes needs us to be.
Taking this slower pace. That is where we see Him. That is where He has much to show us.
He says, "In the time of my favor, I will answer you.." He doesn't say, I might answer, He says He will. We just need to wait...He knows the best time for the answer.
Jim Cymbalta said, "Herein lies the battle of faith, to hold on and keep believing God."
As we wait and trust Him, He fills us with all joy and peace. 
So many of us make it through such awful, "don't- know- how-I-lived-through-that", tragedies 
one second at a time,
 one breath, then another,
by abundant grace,
count blessings,
Give thanks and receive peace and joy.
The "make no sense events" in our lives, the wounds, the tragedies...
are our places to see God, places to cause us to get closer to God...
and believe it or not...
that makes it all worth it.
I remember I had prayed, a few years ago, telling God, "I am seeking you with all my heart and you said I would find you.."
I did.
I would not have wanted to go on living my life without having gone through this.
 Please read that again. I NEEDED it.
If I had been able to change my course I would have missed truly knowing Him. I would have missed seeing Him, I would have missed being released from the heavy crosses I bore.
Now, in spite of all the work of the protocol, learning to cook and eat differently, the days when it all seems too much....
I can't wait to see how it all ends!!!