Monday, January 25, 2016

Speak Life

     It has been about 21 months since I wrote on this blog. 
For all those wondering if I am still on planet earth---YES!! I am. And I feel pretty terrific. 
Life has just been extremely...well, full of wanderlust. Many changes.  Some uprooting, some ups and downs. 
So for you who run across this blog looking for an answer to cancer or seeking a life line for yourself or a loved one, stay with me for a bit and I will give you some updated healing protocol information. 

Life happens.
To all of us.
A sickness, an illness, an accident, a divorce, a death. 
A moment...that shatters us like never before---your world in a thousand pieces on the floor.
You cry out--- you worry life will never be what you knew life to be. You flounder, you listen to all of the bad voices. You feel beaten down, you worry, you sink into darkness, despair and maybe even fear. You go through each day holding your breath.

The very bad part is not what's happening but the fact that most of us stay there in that paralyzing darkness. We learn and adjust to live in it---fear, depression, stress---not knowing that there is a lighted tunnel right before us. But it is up to us to take the step forward. No one else.

You can get all the surgeries, supplements, vitamins, therapies, books, counseling, dvd's that money can buy but if YOU are not telling your heart to beat again, nothing else will do much to take you into the light of healing. 
You have to be able to shake yesterday off, have the firm faith to Believe you CAN close that door! 
You CAN step into light, strength, healing and wellness for a better life, for freedom from physical, mental and emotional chains.
 You CAN close that door. 
Even though you alone are who has to make the decision and take the action, to tell your heart to beat again, to breathe, to remain aggressively pursuing....there is Someone who is actually waiting to take your hand, see your through. Someone who won't leave you alone. Someone who paid your bail to release you out of all of these physical, mental and emotional chains. And when He paid for it, he covered us with abounding grace. 
Grace that now says you are covered, favored, blessed, paid for, redeemed, healed in every way because of the cross. 
So NOW...YOU have to BELIEVE it! You have to say it!  You have to tell your heart, tell your mind, tell the world, tell the demons that illegally come against you daily. YOU HAVE to believe it, and declare it and claim it as your own. 

Repeat :  I am highly favored
                 Richly blessed
                 And deeply loved.
Daily...let the door slam shut to yesterday, fear and defeat. You don't live there anymore...stepping into the light of Grace.

Yes, life is going to be different now. Yes, by God 's grace, you will be different but it will be better if you completely trust him with it.  I can't begin to tell you how great this truth is. To the point that I would not have wanted to go through the rest of my life if I had not gone down this road. Everything shapes us.

Speak what you Believe.
Speak what you want to see.
In the beginning, when God saw all the darkness, He didn't say, "wow, it's really dark out there". If he would have, it would have gotten! He immediately said, "Let there be light".  That is the power you have as well, we are made in His image! God believed...God spoke.  Proverbs 18: 21 "The Tongue has the power of life and death...." Speak life! 
What you speak out of your mouth has a lot more power than you realize. You need to be speaking life and positivism and healing. When you speak it, it helps you believe it and declares that healing in all the Universe and heavens as well.

When things go wrong, don't ask what you did wrong. Ask what are you believing wrong?
The first thing satan steals is God's word. He doesn't want you to know your strength, the promises that are there for you and how to use to live abundantly. 
In 2 Corinthians 4:13, "I believed: therefore I have spoken"...Since we have that same spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore speak!"  THIS is how faith works!

Jesus asked, "Do you believe I am able to do this?"  He didn't ask the blind men about their sins or what they ate today etc...He just asked them if they believed in Him.
God cannot go beyond what you do not believe!
Your believing makes you well. Not your family, not the supplements, not the treatments. 
Believe right.
Relax in righteousness not relying on self effort. When you believe you must add something to it, it negates your faith. 
 God is not the big judgmental meany everyone views him as. He loves you and His will is ALWAYS, ALWAYS that you are well and healthy and have abundant life.

What few of us realize is a great truth...and that is, Freewill is an extremely powerful force. 

Freewill is what gets in the way of healings, blessings and abundant life. 
But when you speak life into your situation....when you tell your body to heal...this begins helping to build your faith to believe. When you can truly believe this healing and goodness is yours, you can change the cosmos!
You come into agreement with God and what He desires for come along side Him..surrender and begin anew. 
Love's hands pull you through. You take steps into the light. You realize your story's far from over...your journey is just beginning. 

And so I say all of this because too many of us are walking around living...trying to function in a seemingly different life...feeling way out. 
When in reality, the cage door is open...
We have freedom and healing for all things and all of life if we would just speak it, believe it and walk out the open door. 
No doubts.

Many write me wanting to know...
 what I am doing on my healing journey?
 What does my protocol consist of?
What and how many supplements do I take?
They think if they follow this to a "T" they will be healed as well.
Unfortunately, that is NOT the case. 
First off, God is my healer. I declared that from the moment I was diagnosed. He is the only one who can do anything at all about my situation.  Accepting the healing he suffered and paid for on the cross with his broken body...this is not a point to skim over....
He also provided in this world, everything else we would need to take care of our bodies. 
This is the next key to healing, no matter the kind of cancer, disease or sickness...nourishing our bodies with all God has provided. 
Our bodies only become broken and fail us when we abuse it with what we feed it and what we expose it to. Our bodies were created to heal. 
So through all of the protocols I have been through, in August of last year, I took it one step further into eating only what God provided.... A raw vegan diet...mostly fruit. ......I can already hear the disclaimers, the grumblings and the I can't's.... Yes you can. That is how we were made to eat. The only reason you think you can't eat this way is because your body has been trained, by you, to eat badly. It is like a couch potato who can no longer get up. 

I was even a type 2 diabetic when I started it.  For years I was told I could not eat hardly any fruit.....not true!!! The natural sugar from fruit is used by our body in a whole different way from refined sugar. And it also metabolizes faster so although it may spike your blood sugar for a very short amount of time, your glucose will come down quickly. But big REVELATION: It is not the sugar that is causing it to go higher anyway,,,it is the fat in your diet...blocking your insulin receptors. try me...cut the fat out and see.

I began the change in my way of eating with morning blood sugars in the mid to high 300's. (i was taking no medicine) Over the next few weeks eating high fruit, my sugar levels went higher at first then... as I stayed true to low fat, high raw fruits and vegetables.... my wake up glucose levels started coming down, down, down.....I was thrilled and it was amazing!!! :)

In the weeks following my beginning raw vegan, I felt great! My nails were growing for the first time in my life. My tumor markers fell from 61 to 39. Below 35 is normal. My HCG results dropped. I did begin having a terrible detox reaction from all of the toxins being pushed out of my body. I developed a terrible rash...worse than you can imagine. And it stayed for months. I still get it a little now and then. 
But given the results of my tumor markers and the HCG test, I know this is the way to nourish and heal my body. I still take a few supplements because of a couple of other issues my body deals with like lack of a thyroid gland etc... but mostly it is things like vitamin d3...If you have cancer you are D deficient.  Get that checked it should be at least 70. I took 25000IU every day for months then dropped it a little. Get out and get need it. 
Turmeric is a tumor killer and the best one is Beta 1,3d Glucan only the one by transfer point. You can get it on Amazon, I take one for every 50 pounds I weigh.
B17 in combination with zinc and B15 (DMG) is great and I still take Essiac Tea capsules every day.  Even though vegetables give us all the protein we need, I still take a B12 supplement every day.
 Everyone is different--our bodies--the various cancer and sicknesses and our reactions to protocols. It is good to gather information, even better to do lots of research. I would encourage you to do that. I am not a doctor but I can give you some great web sites.
On youtube, watch The Quest for the Cures.
Be well. Be happy. Nourish your body.