Monday, January 25, 2016

Speak Life

     It has been about 21 months since I wrote on this blog. 
For all those wondering if I am still on planet earth---YES!! I am. And I feel pretty terrific. 
Life has just been extremely...well, full of wanderlust. Many changes.  Some uprooting, some ups and downs. 
So for you who run across this blog looking for an answer to cancer or seeking a life line for yourself or a loved one, stay with me for a bit and I will give you some updated healing protocol information. 

Life happens.
To all of us.
A sickness, an illness, an accident, a divorce, a death. 
A moment...that shatters us like never before---your world in a thousand pieces on the floor.
You cry out--- you worry life will never be what you knew life to be. You flounder, you listen to all of the bad voices. You feel beaten down, you worry, you sink into darkness, despair and maybe even fear. You go through each day holding your breath.

The very bad part is not what's happening but the fact that most of us stay there in that paralyzing darkness. We learn and adjust to live in it---fear, depression, stress---not knowing that there is a lighted tunnel right before us. But it is up to us to take the step forward. No one else.

You can get all the surgeries, supplements, vitamins, therapies, books, counseling, dvd's that money can buy but if YOU are not telling your heart to beat again, nothing else will do much to take you into the light of healing. 
You have to be able to shake yesterday off, have the firm faith to Believe you CAN close that door! 
You CAN step into light, strength, healing and wellness for a better life, for freedom from physical, mental and emotional chains.
 You CAN close that door. 
Even though you alone are who has to make the decision and take the action, to tell your heart to beat again, to breathe, to remain aggressively pursuing....there is Someone who is actually waiting to take your hand, see your through. Someone who won't leave you alone. Someone who paid your bail to release you out of all of these physical, mental and emotional chains. And when He paid for it, he covered us with abounding grace. 
Grace that now says you are covered, favored, blessed, paid for, redeemed, healed in every way because of the cross. 
So NOW...YOU have to BELIEVE it! You have to say it!  You have to tell your heart, tell your mind, tell the world, tell the demons that illegally come against you daily. YOU HAVE to believe it, and declare it and claim it as your own. 

Repeat :  I am highly favored
                 Richly blessed
                 And deeply loved.
Daily...let the door slam shut to yesterday, fear and defeat. You don't live there anymore...stepping into the light of Grace.

Yes, life is going to be different now. Yes, by God 's grace, you will be different but it will be better if you completely trust him with it.  I can't begin to tell you how great this truth is. To the point that I would not have wanted to go through the rest of my life if I had not gone down this road. Everything shapes us.

Speak what you Believe.
Speak what you want to see.
In the beginning, when God saw all the darkness, He didn't say, "wow, it's really dark out there". If he would have, it would have gotten! He immediately said, "Let there be light".  That is the power you have as well, we are made in His image! God believed...God spoke.  Proverbs 18: 21 "The Tongue has the power of life and death...." Speak life! 
What you speak out of your mouth has a lot more power than you realize. You need to be speaking life and positivism and healing. When you speak it, it helps you believe it and declares that healing in all the Universe and heavens as well.

When things go wrong, don't ask what you did wrong. Ask what are you believing wrong?
The first thing satan steals is God's word. He doesn't want you to know your strength, the promises that are there for you and how to use to live abundantly. 
In 2 Corinthians 4:13, "I believed: therefore I have spoken"...Since we have that same spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore speak!"  THIS is how faith works!

Jesus asked, "Do you believe I am able to do this?"  He didn't ask the blind men about their sins or what they ate today etc...He just asked them if they believed in Him.
God cannot go beyond what you do not believe!
Your believing makes you well. Not your family, not the supplements, not the treatments. 
Believe right.
Relax in righteousness not relying on self effort. When you believe you must add something to it, it negates your faith. 
 God is not the big judgmental meany everyone views him as. He loves you and His will is ALWAYS, ALWAYS that you are well and healthy and have abundant life.

What few of us realize is a great truth...and that is, Freewill is an extremely powerful force. 

Freewill is what gets in the way of healings, blessings and abundant life. 
But when you speak life into your situation....when you tell your body to heal...this begins helping to build your faith to believe. When you can truly believe this healing and goodness is yours, you can change the cosmos!
You come into agreement with God and what He desires for come along side Him..surrender and begin anew. 
Love's hands pull you through. You take steps into the light. You realize your story's far from over...your journey is just beginning. 

And so I say all of this because too many of us are walking around living...trying to function in a seemingly different life...feeling way out. 
When in reality, the cage door is open...
We have freedom and healing for all things and all of life if we would just speak it, believe it and walk out the open door. 
No doubts.

Many write me wanting to know...
 what I am doing on my healing journey?
 What does my protocol consist of?
What and how many supplements do I take?
They think if they follow this to a "T" they will be healed as well.
Unfortunately, that is NOT the case. 
First off, God is my healer. I declared that from the moment I was diagnosed. He is the only one who can do anything at all about my situation.  Accepting the healing he suffered and paid for on the cross with his broken body...this is not a point to skim over....
He also provided in this world, everything else we would need to take care of our bodies. 
This is the next key to healing, no matter the kind of cancer, disease or sickness...nourishing our bodies with all God has provided. 
Our bodies only become broken and fail us when we abuse it with what we feed it and what we expose it to. Our bodies were created to heal. 
So through all of the protocols I have been through, in August of last year, I took it one step further into eating only what God provided.... A raw vegan diet...mostly fruit. ......I can already hear the disclaimers, the grumblings and the I can't's.... Yes you can. That is how we were made to eat. The only reason you think you can't eat this way is because your body has been trained, by you, to eat badly. It is like a couch potato who can no longer get up. 

I was even a type 2 diabetic when I started it.  For years I was told I could not eat hardly any fruit.....not true!!! The natural sugar from fruit is used by our body in a whole different way from refined sugar. And it also metabolizes faster so although it may spike your blood sugar for a very short amount of time, your glucose will come down quickly. But big REVELATION: It is not the sugar that is causing it to go higher anyway,,,it is the fat in your diet...blocking your insulin receptors. try me...cut the fat out and see.

I began the change in my way of eating with morning blood sugars in the mid to high 300's. (i was taking no medicine) Over the next few weeks eating high fruit, my sugar levels went higher at first then... as I stayed true to low fat, high raw fruits and vegetables.... my wake up glucose levels started coming down, down, down.....I was thrilled and it was amazing!!! :)

In the weeks following my beginning raw vegan, I felt great! My nails were growing for the first time in my life. My tumor markers fell from 61 to 39. Below 35 is normal. My HCG results dropped. I did begin having a terrible detox reaction from all of the toxins being pushed out of my body. I developed a terrible rash...worse than you can imagine. And it stayed for months. I still get it a little now and then. 
But given the results of my tumor markers and the HCG test, I know this is the way to nourish and heal my body. I still take a few supplements because of a couple of other issues my body deals with like lack of a thyroid gland etc... but mostly it is things like vitamin d3...If you have cancer you are D deficient.  Get that checked it should be at least 70. I took 25000IU every day for months then dropped it a little. Get out and get need it. 
Turmeric is a tumor killer and the best one is Beta 1,3d Glucan only the one by transfer point. You can get it on Amazon, I take one for every 50 pounds I weigh.
B17 in combination with zinc and B15 (DMG) is great and I still take Essiac Tea capsules every day.  Even though vegetables give us all the protein we need, I still take a B12 supplement every day.
 Everyone is different--our bodies--the various cancer and sicknesses and our reactions to protocols. It is good to gather information, even better to do lots of research. I would encourage you to do that. I am not a doctor but I can give you some great web sites.
On youtube, watch The Quest for the Cures.
Be well. Be happy. Nourish your body.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Current Protocol

For those of you wondering about me and wondering about my protocol, this is just an update on my status and what I am doing for a healing protocol at this time.
I will begin writing more on my blog now. There will be another new post soon.

As for my health, I recently had my first HCG test done. ( I would encourage everyone to use this test) It measures exactly HOW MUCH cancer is in your body.
The number results can go into the 10,000's. A result of less than 50 means negative. My results were 52.6, classified as faintly positive!!! I was thrilled and so grateful considering I started with 9 tumors.

Traveling on this journey I learn and research all the time. As a result, I have adjusted my protocol over the last few years.
Here is what I do now....this is by no means telling anyone what they should do. I recommend doing research of your own and deciding what is best for you. and (their videos: The Quest for the Cures are a must see for learning, directing and guiding) these are a few great places to start.
I still do 3 detoxing coffee enemas a day.
I still drink a couple of green juices a day and about 4 carrot juices. Sometimes there are some smoothies added in there.
I eat a gluten free diet, mostly vegetarian. Once in a great while I have a little organic meat. No sugar, I use Stevia and honey for sweeteners if needed.
I use the Budwig Protocol ...which is the cottage cheese, flax seed oil, flax seed combo every day. It took me a while to get on board with this protocol but I found it to be very effective for myself and others. and there is a great video on youtube to explain how to do it. Just look up budwig protocol and the ladies name that does the video is Sandra Olsen.
I take:
 Beta 1,3d Glucan one for every 50 pounds you weigh
Vitamin D3 I take 20000 IU a day
B17 (NOVODALIN) this in combination with DMG (B15) and zinc to make the B17 do its job.
chlorella *
Vitamin C powder* these three from HealthForce (amazon or their web page) in mega doses
MegaZymes proteolytic enzymes 20 a day
vitamin e
Vitamin B12
vitamin B6
Essiac Tea 9 capsules a day
Grape Seed Extract
I drink Jason Winters tea. several cups a day
I think that is everything. I take a few other things for other issues I have but these are to combat the cancer and my immune system.
I use the
I walk.
I spend time praying, and quiet time because God is everything and your mental state is everything!!
I do things I enjoy like papercrafting. :)
Be happy!! Give this to God. Close the door to fear. It is either fear or faith. They cannot operate together. You  have to choose.
I pray you will choose life and happiness and good health. Your body needs to heal itself and it can if you give it what it nees. take care and many blessings.

How to do a Coffee Enema

Enema supplies at



I buy organic coffee from for therapy use. I do three enemas a day, so I usually make enough for 4 at one time. I boil 16 cups of water, suppose to be distilled, I don't always use distilled. I know it is better, but to me it is just another expense. When that starts to boil, I add 12 rounded TB of coffee. It will bubble. Then I let it boil for three minutes. Put on a lid and turn off the stove. Let it set for 15 minutes then strain into a pitcher. When you are ready for a "coffee break", measure out 4 cups and warm in a pan on the stove, not the microwave....I got rid of my microwave.... just warm enough to be comfortable. Not hot.


Run warm water in your bathtub a few inches deep. Hang your bucket or enema bag on the shower rod. Lay on  your right side. Vaseline the tip...insert and using the clip to stop and start flow, release a little to get a slow flow. You may have to release a little more every few minutes then clamp it again. Back and forth. It takes about 12 minutes to run all the coffee in and then you need to try to hold it for 15 minutes. In the beginning you may only hold it for 5 minutes, then build it up to 7 minutes, then 9 etc...It will get easier. YOU HAVE TO COMPLETELY relax. Let your mind imagine you are floating on the ocean water, completely relaxed. It helps when your stomach wants to spasm, to breathe like you are in labor, panting and mentally help your lower body relax. when you can't hold it anymore, try to breathe and get the spasm stopped then stand up take out the tube and sit on the toilet to expel. I usually have a towel folded on the side of the tub in case I need it and I cover me with it  once I sit on the toilet. And I usually have my phone in there with soft classical music on. I use this time to pray, nap and sometimes I read on kindle on my phone. It took me a couple of times of making a mess, the third time I had it down. And now my body is so use to it that it is no problem to hold it 15 minutes, then it starts to spasm and I know its time to get out. The reason for the 15 minutes... all the blood in  your body cycles through your liver once every three minutes. So if you hold it 15 min it is cycling through 5 times flushing out while you are in there. :) 


Monday, June 30, 2014

Calming Storms

From the top of the hill, where our church sits, I can see it coming, miles away across the Texas Hill Country. The clouds are so dark and heavy. Moving faster and faster as the wind bends the trees and turns those leaves wrong side out.
 I can hear the thunder bellowing over and over louder and louder.
The lights from heaven send streaks across the dark clouds lighting up the sky momentarily.
 The air is heavy. The atmosphere tense and anxious.
 The tv warns of tornadoes, the rain comes in buckets beating on the roof.
Many run for their house, in their basement, under the covers...anywhere to seek protection...trying to calm their fear.
The house and the basement and the covers may only offer temporary comfort.
There is only One who can give you complete protection.
Only one who is the Center, the Calm, who has the power to still your storm.
There was once a terrible storm, on a small sea, a world away from mine. Again, some common men were fearful of the raging storm and had no where to seek shelter as they tried to hold onto the sails of their small fishing vessel.
They only had One hope.
There was only One who could, and did, help them.
What would have happened if they had remained fearful and just battled the storm on their own?
Photo: Storm clouds rolling into Round Rock Texas yesterday, absolutely beautiful.

Pic by Jason Weingart
photo by Jason Weingart
Have you noticed what a majority of the commercials on TV are advertising nowadays?
Gone are the days of Tony the Tiger's Frosted Flakes,
Frosted Flakes

 the Snap, Crackle, Pop of Rice Krispies, Rice a Roni, it's the San Francisco Treat, Coke it's the Real Thing, I am stuck on Band-aids and Band-aids stuck on me, my Oscar Meyer B-O-L-O-G-N-A or Life cereal's, "Hey, Mikey!"
Now it is all, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"call life alert, or Plaxil, Celebrix, or "My name is M-A-R-Y and I have COPD. All kind of drugs with short lists of advantages and long lists of things that can happen to you if you do take the drug...including DEATH!

Gone are days of working hard for a living all day, (for your exercise), being outside in the garden to grow your food (and getting lots of vitamin D).
There was no computer, ipad, or iphone to steal all the moments you could have been relaxing, enjoying your family, building a relationship with Christ, all of which keep us healthy mentally, which is just as important as our physical well being.

Our health has become our Achilles heel. We are constantly battling some health issue but not ever becoming completely healed. We just keep living the way we are and taking more drugs.

So you know why the subject of commercials  has changed? MONEY.
There is more money in pharmaceuticals than breakfast cereal.
We the people have become the "cash cows" of the medical industry. That is what it is, an industry that makes money off of us!
 And we let them.
They have us brain washed into thinking they are the only shelter from our storms. That they are the only ones with the answers to help us.
We all have storms going on inside our bodies. Yet we give no notice to it. We don't take into consideration that everything we do on the outside of our body affects the inside.
Causes the storms.

What if I told you, "You have cancer. Right now." Not you will have but you DO have. The truth is we all have it.
Cancer is not a disease. It is what happens when our bodies have take in so much bad food and so many bad toxins.

Which is an every day occurrence in most of our lives.

Our wonderful, God made, amazing, miraculous body that does its job healing and cleaning up the mess we keep putting it in, until the immune system can't take anymore and it becomes so broken it can no longer clean up the cancer cells.
Tumors develop.
Life changes.

Now the choice you  are facing is to try to seek cover on your own or turn to the only One who has the power to calm your storm.

TRUTH: 9 out of 10 of you will not choose wisely.

Not only has the topic of our commercials changed, the way we live changed, but trusting in the One true God has changed as well.
And we want to know, "Where is God?" As I was told in Sunday School, He is like the sun, He never moves. It is us who moves out of the light. He is right here. He says, " I am with you always." Not sometimes. Our 'wonderful' free will is what makes us think He is not here.
So if He is always right with you, then trust Him to take care of you.
Don't try to ride this storm with one foot in the chemo room and one foot in the juice bar. IT WON'T WORK!!

Cancer and most all degenerative diseases can be reversed. You CAN have a healthy body again.
But you have to totally commit. You  have to be aggressive.
You have to pray and ask and believe God for healing. You have to be thankful for that healing in advance, and thankful for each day, which will bring joy. And joy is good for your mental health. :)
Everyone needs lots of vitamin D. About 20000-25000 iu's a day unless you are in the sun a lot.
Eating apricot seeds every day or taking a B17 protocol which includes B17, zinc and B15. A low dose of B17 if you are wanting to stay healthy, higher if you are battling something.
If you have cancer tumors,  you should be taking large doses of pancreatic enzymes, Beta 1,3D Glucan by Ancient5 (powerful tumor killer) and you might want to try the Budwig Protocol. Highly effective. Check it out

All of us need a couple of parasite cleanses a year. They are the culprit in almost everything. (you will be amazed)
large doses of pure vitamin c.  I like the powder form from healthforce.
Drink Jason Winters Tea, about 4 cups a day.
Essiac Tea
The very best thing we can all do is to eat at least an 80% plant based organic diet. Drink a few juices during the day because that helps your cells get access to mega doses of wonderful nutrients and enzymes.
So I am not a doctor...lets get that stated. Anything I tell you, you try at  your own risk. I must say that. :)
All I can do is tell you what I know from my experience and from the experience of others I know.

For those who are facing the decision about taking chemo or not...the doctors are NOT the authority on healing your body. They will try to convince you that they are. But as God says, "Be strong and courageous. Do Not Be Afraid." He can handle this if you let him. He has given us everything we need. And your body needs to be healed not torn down. Not burned up.

As the thunder of life rages through your body or your world... 

Let Him be the One who calms your storm.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Are you serious?

The little house we rent is in a small, antique town at the beginning of the Hill Country, in South Texas. The house has two redeeming features that made me want to live there. One, the large floor to ceiling limestone fireplace and two, the added on sunroom. The sunroom is so quiet when the door to the kitchen is closed. There are wide windows, which give a peaceful view of our shaded backyard, and make up the walls on three sides.
I have made this quiet place my own.
A third of it is a quiet sitting room.
A third a computer/treadmill area.
And a third my craft area.
It is here He is teaching me to slowdown.
Accept what He is doing.
What I cannot change.
Hold on. God knows what He is doing.
Five have died.
Two last year and three more this year.
People I have tried to help to heal naturally.
People I have tried to urge to run hard while they had the chance.
I can feel my soul has 5 new scars on it.

The thing about tackling cancer or any other disease, naturally is--
You have to be aggressive!
You have to be Serious!
You have to ask yourself, "Am I serious enough about this to give it everything I have?"

I recently had someone write me who was in total awe and couldn't believe that I ate vegetarian, took lots of juices, coffee enemas and over 300 supplements every day.
"Are you serious, do you really do this?" (as if I was lying to them)
Yes! I do! Because I am serious about getting rid of the 9 tumors in my body. I am serious about being healthy again. I am serious about all the information I have learned about how our bodies can absolutely heal themselves. I have learned how important our mental state is in healing.

What I know to be brutally true is...
if you are not aggressively serious about doing everything you can----starting immediately---to put your body on the healing,  healthy track--you probably aren't going to make it.
Sadly, IT or the conventional treatment, will get the best of you.
I have seen people think they can take a few supplements here and there, a juice or half a juice today, maybe a little more tomorrow. People who think they can take chemo and still try to use the natural path and it still work. Most of the time...
It does not.
They are NOT serious!
It unnerves me.
It makes me antsy.
I feel like I am being buried alive. I want to scream but they are not hearing me.
People ask me for help--and I WANT to help....
But it stabs my soul when they risk their lives not taking their healing seriously enough to do what needs done.

I know it's  hard.
I KNOW. I KNOW it to the core of my being.
I've been there. I've walked it.
I've heard the diagnosis. I have unknowingly trusted doctors fatal judgments.
 I've ran to the toilet that first of many times to follow, thinking, "so this is the beginning of the end. I'm one of THOSE now...the vomiting, chemo cancer patient."
I've been scared.
I've not known who to trust, what to do.
I've saw my hair wash down the tub.
I've lost all control of my bodily functions.
I've had burned finger tips, watery eyes, massive bone pain, tormenting nausea, mouth sores, loss of blood, loss of humility and...
loss of friends.
I've not been able to eat. nor sleep.
I have battled depression and fear.
I've choked down juices and vegetables when it was the last thing on earth I wanted.
I persevered through the first, few messy, coffee enemas until I got it right.
I too have not been able to afford the ongoing cost of organic vegetables, and mountains of bottles of supplements, let alone the leftover doctor bills.
I KNOW about these things.
I KNOW how hard it is.
BUT .... I Also KNOW I have to be serious about changing my life. Serious about doing everything and anything I need to do for my healing. I know I have to seriously, continually research.
And above all I KNOW I have to totally rely on God. The Only one who can do anything about any of it!
The only way I got through this.
The only way I will continue to get through it.
And NO, He did not give you cancer. But He can use it for good if you let Him.

I recently saw a car with it's tires buried in soft sand.
Spinning it's wheels.
A bunch of people were pushing it.
Back and forth it rocked.
Still stuck.
Going deeper.
More help was needed to get it out.
This is how we are. We sometimes need more solid, consistent help to get out of a tough spot.  We have to keep pushing. We have to be serious about our protocol to heal.

I am now 15 months, day in and day out, of constant, continual care for myself. These are not all easy days. But I am learning more and more.
Trying to change the way I eat, the way I think, the way I react, the way I handle stress...
the way I care for even my soul.
This is now my life.

God is still in control.
This IS happening for a reason.

It is going to continue to be a hard road. But there are so many people who travel even harder roads on their journeys. So I have to remain even closer to God.
So I can make it through.
I am blessed to be here today.
I think, in the back of my mind, I always thought this would go away and I would wonder what it was going to be like on the other side of this.
And now I believe I AM on the other side of this. 
I am on the healing path, becoming more and more healthy, physically and mentally.
Taking seriously that from now on, I will be eating and living differently, striving to help and inform others about true healing for their bodies.
And it's all good.
It is a good thing.
Are YOU serious?

I am going to try to write several blogs over the next few weeks to bring you more important information for your good health. Blessings you all.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pieces of the Puzzle

I was staring into a solid area of  white.
Except for three black dots,
 there were no distinguishing colors.
One Thousand precision cut pieces, each one had a specific, perfectly, interlocking place where it belonged--where it fit.
But besides the two dark eyes and one dark nose, ALL the pieces of this puzzle were white!
Somehow, when someone with a lot more skill than I-fit all these pieces together it would form  a picture of a white polar bear with a backdrop of his native environment--snow!

I have one daughter who knows very little about, nor has an interest in working puzzles. So she bought this polar bear catastrophe for her sister, thinking she would love it. :/
My other, puzzle-working, daughter and I know the best puzzles are the ones with lots of color, making for more fun than work.
Being a lover of puzzles, I have often thought over the course of the last two years how very much like a puzzle our lives are. God fitting each piece of our story together perfectly.
And He does it in style.
Never boring, never two stories the same.
And from our point of view, too many times the pieces just don't seem to fit.
We have not seen the completed picture on the outside of the box so we are not sure how these pieces all fit together.
But He knows. There is a reason for each one.
He is not only a great puzzle maker but he is the best at putting puzzles perfectly together even the ones that seem to have no color or life.
I love how He causes things to happen, people to meet that HAVE to be in place so some future piece of our puzzle will fit together.
Let me show you...
I just happened to be living in Saudi Arabia at the same time as Aisha. I didn't know her until I just happened to start making and selling homemade cookies. She somehow heard about this and called to order cookies. Through the cookie order we became "FB friends". But after the cookie delivery, I don't think we ever talked again until she saw my FB posts about me needing prayer because of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis and many months of chemo. Then all of a sudden she is writing me and sending me lots of boxes in the mail containing everything I needed to  begin healing naturally. She pushed me over the edge into the world that would put me on a miraculous healing path.

There have been many of these "God Wink" moments over the last 2 years. He has been so active in my life and journey that I sometimes feel like I am ---well, that my life is like a story in a book. 
 It is a kind of paradox. We are all already a piece of a God sized puzzle but at the same time....
 everything shapes us.
all the emotions, the joy, the fun, the tragedies, the accomplishments, the mistakes, the good days, the hard days, the mundane days. The friends, the relationships, the baggage, the letting go, the togetherness, the aloneness, the discoveries,,, so much.
 A lifetime of shaping us.
The last couple of years has been almost like being in school with God, as always, my teacher. I had a load of "school books" that taught me each step of the way, not only what I needed to know but what would help me through at each marker point along the journey. These lessons were deep and profound. Opened my eyes and heart. Changed me from the inside out.  Quieted my soul. Healed me, and not just physically.
Let me share a quick synopsis of this wonder with you:
"Jesus Calling"---Stay in His presence and focused on Him
"The Hole in the Gospel"---Love Deeply. It is what it is all about and it is what is missing.
"One Thousand Gifts"---(profoundly my favorite) Be ever grateful and thankful, counting  your thousands of gifts (blessings) in each moment.
"The Shack"---He loves me sooo much.
"The Shack, Revisited" ---He just wants a relationship with me.
"Seven Days in Utopia"---Seek His face, Feel His presence, Trust Him.
"Satan, You Can't Have My Miracle" ---Pray with the Power in you, claim it and Believe it!
"The Outlaw" ---Jesus is "REAL" touchable, approachable. More like us than we realize.
"What Women Fear"---Helped me face my fears
"A Short Guide to a Happy Life"--it's the simple things in life. Take lots of deep breaths, be in the moment, soak it up. Enjoy life!
"The Circle Maker"---How to pray boldly. WITHOUT CEASING! AND with EXPECTATION. :)
"Kisses For Katie"---Be self sacrificing. LOVE! This life is about being His hands and feet while we are here.
"A Million Little Ways"--The Creator created me to create. It is ok for me to take time to do what I love.
"Restless"---Let go of your past. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.
"You're Made for a God-Sized Dream"---forming Papa's Garden to help others.
"Soul's Gate"--the Holy Spirit battles for us.
"Chasing God" ---Stop chasing God. He is behind me, chasing me. :)
"In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day"--Be a lion chaser! Take the risk! Face it armed with the armor of God!
"Impossible odds set the stage for amazing miracles." :D(Mark Batterson)
Pretty awesome, huh? :) I had a great teacher.

Oh, and by the way, for those of  your going through  your own "diagnosis" of one kind or another, this may sound like these were all just easy lessons...
 they were not.
But they all shaped me, they were all perfectly timed.
I am human. And though I have learned valuable lessons that have reshaped lots of me, there are times when "the enemy" attacks. There have been weeks, months on end, when he drags my mind through mire and muck. You see, our healing ultimately comes from our mind. Our mental state. Mental, emotional and spiritual well being. If those are not in a good place you are probably going to get even more sick no matter what  you do, conventional or natural. It is THAT important.
Science is finding more and more that everything is about our environment. It is HOW we live, and how well the  mental, emotional and spiritual part of us are, that is determining how healthy we are.
So it is in these times of attack on my mind that past baggage starts resurfacing, hopelessness tries to creep in and present stresses pound in the back of my mind.
Then I can feel me NOT getting well. You have heard it over and over but I am here to tell you STRESS WILL KILL YOU. It will make you sick with lots of diseases that you think are coming from something else. It is a slow fade. But unless you de-stress, it will slowly eat away at you.
Clean your attic.
Surrender control.
Let go of the tight rope.
KNOW what it means that He is God. This is all about Him. This is His story.
Realize you have no control. Let Him do his job and you enjoy your life.
Breathe deep.
Be so grateful and thankful.
No matter what happens it doesn't surprise Him. He is in control. He loves us with His very life. He can take care of anything. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!
 He wants good for you. If you don't get all entangled with stress and trying to manipulate and control, just trusting Him, He then can work wonders and it will be an awesome ride...we will see epic miracles.

Many people from all over the world write to me about their own pieces of puzzle that do not seem to be fitting right now. I can give you lots of advice about eating vegetarian, juicing, choosing to take a variety of supplements that will help you, I continually pray for you but a big piece of the puzzle is going to be missing from your life and healing if you exclude God and faith and trust in Him. Work on your mental, emotional and spiritual life as well as your physical. Remember everything shapes you.

The pieces of our lives are slowly all fitting together to create a beautiful picture. Even though we won't see the completed picture this side of Heaven, we can know the Creator is creating a beautiful picture from the pieces of our one ordinary, messy, beautiful life.

I wanted to add some info about a bit of protocol change for my healing path.
I am back to drinking my Jason Winters Tea 4 times a day and in November, I started taking a B17 protocol which is B17 500 mg twice a day with a zinc tablet each time to  help it work along with a B15 tablet. B 17 from you can read about this amazing vitamin at And on a side note, the bone marrow destruction I had with constant terrible bone pain caused by the chemo I was on...lasted for over a year until about six weeks of taking B17. It is now gone and I feel great! Thank you, God! 

I have also done a parasite cleanse which is probably what most cancer patients need to be doing at some point.

I have added Pancreas capsules to my protocol, about 36 a day. (Raw Porcine) by Nutricology on and a new pancreatic enzyme,,,stronger
MegaZyme by

I want to encourage everyone to go on youtube and look up the "discovery channel documentary Moringa Oleifera Miracle tree" Moringa is worth researching and taking every day.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My eyes were dark. Not in color. But in deaths shadow.
I have heard it said that our eyes are the light into our soul.
My light was burning out. Smothered by the ravages of seven different kinds of chemotherapy.
I can see it in the pictures of me from 2012. The darkness trying to snuff out my light.
But it did not succeed!
Nor will it succeed.
The wonderful thing about light is, if there is even a glimmer of it left, darkness can NEVER overtake it.

Ten Miles. The approximate length of 146 football fields.
 In complete and utter darkness.
 You can't see your hand in front of your face.
 But if a candle is lit at the end of that ten mile stretch in front of you, your human eye could see that flame.
 One because the human eye is an amazing creation of our wonderful God and two because....
Light always pierces the darkness.

Light= illuminates, makes visible, gives comfort, shows direction, gives hope, exposes to real, allows us to see with our eyes and with out hearts.

Our entire life is a fight for the light.

After God created the earth, the very first thing He created was light. And He said it was good.
Light allows us to see and experience our world in a way that darkness never will. Often times  seeing even a small light gives us hope. "The light at the end of the tunnel", is a famous saying offering hope in a situation that seems hopeless. So if light offers hope and Jesus said, "I am the Light", then He IS our hope. And if the way out of the dark tunnel is to follow the Light, then He is correct, He is also the Way.

The light others see in our eyes, is the hope, light and joy deep inside our soul that shines out.
 The window to our soul.

So much in this dark fallen world wants to steal our light. The Enemy finds  great joy in this and succeeds far too often. One of the most awful ways is through our health. The enemy brings sickness, illness and disease against us. Sometimes this is so bad it sends us into a darkness we never wanted to experience. The diagnosis devastates the pit of the stomach and the heart races, the body warms as fear takes over and tears burn as they roll down your cheek.
 Just as the enemy planned.
He is pleased.
 But as my daughter says, " The darker you go the brighter the Light shines". :)
I know how hard this is. But you HAVE to peek out of the fear and open your eyes to see that glimmer of light. There IS hope!
After coming through the journey I have traveled the last two years, and meeting many other people who have also opened their eyes to light and experienced the natural healing that is right there within reach, I can tell you first hand there IS a better and good way into the light that will fill your life and body if you just let it. And that right there is the veil that needs lifted....those words...if you just let it.
It is so heart wrenching to me, the number of people I talk to or who come wanting to  know how to heal naturally but they themselves keep the door closed to the light. They allow fear and lies to keep the window blinds closed, so they cannot see the truth.
We do that with a lot of things in our lives not just healing naturally.
How can any one who reads the truth that I write, or that Chris writes ( or that Ty writes ( and so many others and not believe it, at least be curious enough about it to research, call, ask questions???
 I do realize it is hard to believe due to the way we have been conditioned to trust in the medical system in this country. But many of us are living proof that there is a better way than the chemotherapy that kills 97% of the people who take it and we are here to shine a light for you on the path to healing and a healthy body.

In the Garden of Eden, God provided everything we would ever need to live and survive on this earth and beyond. He provided nourishment with food and healing with food and herbs and deliverance from the consequences of our sin that would separate us from Him forever.
We received redemption when He purchased our way out. He recovered us by the payment of Himself and his blood that now covers those of us who will accept Him. He gave us redemption.
And He took the cancer, all the sickness and disease, the guilt, and the sorrow and whatever else wants to linger in darkness over our lives and he paid the price for it and nailed it to the cross...forever!
We have victory over all of these things.
Some of us don't realize we have that victory, that redemption. That Light.
So then the enemy can  use it against us. Covering us in darkness.
Believe the spiritual world there is bright warm glorious light encircling all around you.
Make the life giving choice to open your eyes and...
SEE it.
Believe in it.
Bask in the warmth of it.
Speak the life of it...because all the powers of darkness cannot drown out a single word of us claiming praises and victory in Jesus!
The Light WILL ALWAYS pierce even the darkest of dark.
Let Him, and all He has good for you, Heal your body and soul.
Don't be afraid. Be Thankful and Step into the Light.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Starting over.
Always re-NEW..... each day, each week.
Each month that is flipped over on that calendar.
Each black-eyed-pea-Happy-New-Year-Day.
Thanks giving (eucharisteo) always precedes the miracle and Thanksgiving comes before the miracle of Christmas, the miracle that Jesus came right into our mess, And this Christmas miracle, God with us, comes before the New Year or our messes would have no hope for a new  year, no hope for any thing being made new. ..(.Ann VosKamp)
Starting over new.
But are we really starting over....renewing?
Or are we starting over.... AGAIN!!! Trying to make it different this time but still holding onto all the old baggage.  You can not keep doing the same thing and expect to get different results.
Which is why if you are sick with cancer or a degenerative disease, you HAVE to change the way you eat. Your Grandma's genes didn't give that to you. You inherited her eating habits. Those same habits have been passed down for generations so the disease has stayed. Change the way you eat, change your health destiny.
The same is true with our life. You have to change.
Did everything go as perfectly planned last  year? Do they ever? You DID have big plans to change certain things. But....
Your old resolutions fell by the wayside,  your old habits continued.
You didn't stand up to your own expectations--and maybe not to others either.
Fear still lingers.
"So you forgot some notes.
Fear and old habits and people pressure and your own interior playlist can do that to all of us.
But, What if....
When the piece started to fall apart, you fell.....Forward.....into HOPE!
You didn't fret about the music behind you, the mess that was made, You focused on the next bar."
We all get it wrong some days. But the days go on, new days come. It only all goes wrong when we throw in the towel. We have to keep moving....Forward.  Don't dwell on what is behind us or it will ruin the day and new beginning offered.
When it all starts falling apart fall....Forward.
Keep moving. That is what makes the music of your life---you mess up today's music when you dwell in yesterday's music.
2014....Forward... is my word for the  year. This time I am going to try to rely on God instead of trying to fix things myself.
 I am going to look and move... forward to the new beginnings, new days, new blessings and new hope He is offering for me instead of rolling around in all the mud and mess in my mind and past that I keep holding onto and entangling myself in. My mind doesn't like to let go of these things. The enemy always wants to remind me, wants me to worry and stress, wants me to feel guilty, wants me to condemn myself....."There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus". 
That internal turmoil adds to disease and break down of the immune system in my body. Causing and contributing to me being not well.
I am finally in the process of cleaning out that mental house. I am choosing to push all of that mess behind me and not look back--- going forward with God, knowing he has thrown it all as "far as the east is from the west" and "remembers it no more" He wants good for me, for each of  us. He has blessings for us and he desires us to have that close relationship with Him. He wants to delight us every moment!!! :)
He is in us so it doesn't matter what else comes in front of us, it will not be able to overcome us.
He is bigger than all of it. If he can't handle it, you surely can't!!
"Our greatest risk is failing to depend on Him when life seems out of control."
Trust Him!
Do Not be Afraid! (He tells us this):)
Be ever so thankful! and Grateful! Count all the wonders in  your life, all the blessings He has given you. This very new moment in this very new year!
 Be in it! Don't miss it.
This is all we have. Don't waste it on thinking about the past. What could have been, should have been or if only's. Don't waste it on worrying about the future.
All we have is now. This new day in this new month in this new year. A gift.
So on New Year's Eve 2014 you will have no regrets. You will know in your heart you lived each moment and moved forward in the grace, love and joy of the God who blessed you with this one Holy, Ordinary life.