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Starting over.
Always re-NEW..... each day, each week.
Each month that is flipped over on that calendar.
Each black-eyed-pea-Happy-New-Year-Day.
Thanks giving (eucharisteo) always precedes the miracle and Thanksgiving comes before the miracle of Christmas, the miracle that Jesus came right into our mess, And this Christmas miracle, God with us, comes before the New Year or our messes would have no hope for a new  year, no hope for any thing being made new. ..(.Ann VosKamp)
Starting over new.
But are we really starting over....renewing?
Or are we starting over.... AGAIN!!! Trying to make it different this time but still holding onto all the old baggage.  You can not keep doing the same thing and expect to get different results.

Which is why if you are sick with cancer or a degenerative disease, you HAVE to change the way you eat. Your Grandma's genes didn't give that to you. You inherited her eating habits. Those same habits have been passed down for generations so the disease has stay…