Friday, April 26, 2013

Either let God handle it or tell him he can't

April 25, year ago yesterday was the first day I broke down in tears.

I recorded it in my journal. This was the day I was told I couldn't be in the first clinical study they offered me. 

I didn't qualify.

Isn't it amazing how these doctors play with our  lives, like it was some kind of race or game...
"You don't qualify."
"You didn't make the cut."
"You didn't make the team".
"Come back another time, maybe we will have something then."
"I'm sorry we have nothing else to offer you."
"Your diet doesn't matter. Eat whatever you want."

Why do people keep taking chemo when it clearly is not working?
I'm guilty.
They had me believing it was holding the cancer at bay. Twice when the tumors showed small growth, I did finally say, "ok, well that isn't working, so we need to try something else."
I can't tell anyone NOT to take chemo. That is an individual choice and decision. But knowing what I know now, I would NEVER recommend someone take chemo. I can understand how someone would select chemo in the heat of the moment of the "cancer verdict". BUT....oh my, do your research, first.

I KNOW God is my provider.
I KNOW He is the only healer.
He has so much more to offer us
He is just waiting to take control.

Yet, I subconsciously  doubt him by the decisions that I make, to depend on and trust another human being over him.
He has this wonderful array of delicious, healthy food for us to eat that will nourish and renew our bodies.
But we say, " oh, that's great, but I think I 'm going to try this chemo over here first. Because this is what the doctor says is the best for me."
It's amazing how we treat God.

 We act like we can handle all this ourseleves, every once in a while pleading with him to have things go our way.
We take advantage of the fact that He keeps us in orbit.
and provides oxygen for us...
He brings the sun up every day.
But when it comes to following his direction for our lives on this planet, to live and to function, we let our good ole free will arrogance say, "No, I got this".
Now, let me think...Who does this remind me of...Hmmm??
Oh, yeah...
the Israelites!!!
They didn't trust God either.
As a result...40 years to make an 11 day journey!!!!
Do we make life rough for ourselves or what??

This is what it comes down to with our healing, as well.
I was really excited to tell people about natural  healing, until I opened my mouth, spreading the word. It was then I found great resistance.
So many who wanted to know, "How do I heal from cancer?", but then began backing up.
They didn't want to do THAT!
They didn't want to spend the money.
They wanted something easier or...
That's too complicated, involved.
that sounds too can't possibly work.
I did research, read and personally spoke with people who had been healed from late stage cancers.
Nothing worth having is ever easy.
Your life is priceless.
Chemo will cost you everything.
If your looking for an instant pill to pop to miraculously heal your body....
it's not going to happen.
Why won't we believe him?
 Let's not forget He is the Creator of the universe. He is THE HEALER
We always tend to doubt him, and he offers us so much.

Manna--enough for a day. We take more, afraid there won't be enough.
He parts the Red Sea to protect us, yet we cry in the desert that he is going to let us die.
He takes care of birds of the air. He provides for all living creatures on the earth and He loves us MORE, so why would he not take care of us as well?
He also offers us Salvation and eternal life, if we simply accept His  son, but we think it has to be harder than that.
Man began eating a plant based diet that God provided, to keep him healthy.
God does nothing hap-hazard or halfway or incomplete.
The living plants on the earth for us to eat, each have a purpose for our good health.
This is as old as time.
But like most everything else, we abandon these ideals.
We started making our own food, adding our own man made ingredients and feeding our body what it was not meant to recieve.
What breaks down?
Our human systems are starving for these good nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes in their natural state.
I have been spending a lot of time researching thousands of people healing from cancer.
Hear me, PLEASE, when I say there IS a cure for cancer.
The statement that "there is no cure for cancer" is FALSE.
It would be more accurate to say there is no cure in the medical field.
As of November, 2012, cancer has overtaken heart disease as the number one killer in the whole world. 
The remedy has been right under our noses the WHOLE time.
God has provided everything we need to take care of ourselves.
Think about this...
if he created us here on this planet, loves us with an "unfailing love", tells us we are of more value than many sparrows...
then why would he leave us to our own resources to try to heal our bodies from such a deadly disease that has attacked so many?
He has provided and He will take care of us.
We have to trust him completely and have the faith to take those steps, holding his hand.
Eating a vegetarian diet and juicing will renew your body.
You can't keep doing the same thing (eating the same thing) and expect different results.
The food we eat is making us sick. Sending fire threw our bodies is not going to fix the problem. Don't let them convince you chemo is the only and best way. 
Putting good things into our bodies is the best course of action. 
That is the multi billion dollar question.
Cancer is a multi billion dollar industry.
Believe it or not....
That is the bottom line.
I challenge you to get on the internet and look up all the people over the last 100  years who have led people to be healed from cancer (all naturally), and see how the establishment shut them down. It is very eye opening!

Like you, (or someone you know), I didn't plan to go down this road. And as humans, we are part of a world that wants to be led by sight.
O ye of little faith. :)
He is closer than your breath!
He can't interfere with your free will but I believe it saddens his heart when we don't rely on him, when he has all we need for this life and the life after. :)
He has offered what you need, in so many ways.
But you have the ultimate choice to tell God,
"no, you can't handle it".

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How high the cost

I have been told by more people than not, that the information I have given them about healing cancer naturally is too expensive.
How much is your life worth?

I am not trying to be sarcastic. I know there is a dollar cost to this, to anything, including Chemotherapy. But you don't have to take all of the natural supplements that I am taking.
It is most important to be eating a vegan diet and as much juicing as you can.
Here is a website of a young man who used juicing and vegetables to heal his cancer.
I can't stress  how important this is.
The next important thing is to take Ezzeac Tea. (essiac) Ezzeac can be purchased on line and Essiac, the origianl formula can also be purchased on line but is sent from Canada.
This is a proven cancer killer.
 So effective, I can't understand why someone WOULDN'T try it. ???
The other supplements I am taking I am going to list again at the bottom of this post in order of importance, telling why I take them.
Put together a program of what works for YOU. But please remember the urgency of eating a vegan diet and juicing. Ingesting what God gave us to nurture, nourish, and heal our bodies.
So are you not wanting to step out and try the natural goodness God gave us to heal because the cost is too high or is it fear?
It seems like that is always the case with Jesus and whatever he offers.
People are leery of him.
Afraid of something being "too religious".
Afraid He will make you do something or make something happen that you don't want---maybe lose a little of your own control?
He offers life through all that He is and was--all he created--all he died for.
Cost too high?
Can you put a dollar amount on your life?
If I said you can get a bottle of "heal cancer" at the Dollar Tree---everyone would go get it!
If I said you can get a bottle of "heal cancer" at Neiman Marcus, most would find something else to try, due to the costly price.
I know how bad the economy is. This is not easy for our family. It is down right hard.
And if not the money, how much fear do you have, to take the step of faith to try what God is offering naturally instead of the chemotherapy that will wrench your body?
Unfortunately, most people have this fear. I did in the beginning as well. I am praying people will believe me so they don't have to go through what I did.
Don't take things into your own hands. Take what He is offering.
Open your eyes to what is right before you. Ask God to help you see it.
He loves you.
He is never out of control.

Your circumstances are never over whelming to Him.
Trust Him.
He is faithful.
Keep your eyes on Him and ....
When you trust him and he brings you through some of the most awful nightmares or the darkest of days, you learn to trust him more and find comfort that He will walk you through all the shadows that appear each day. You become closer to him and in turn it becomes easier to trust him.
You learn his faithfulness.

"In order to see the miracle, you have to put your faith in the One who tells you to go out into the deep.....He is the One who sent me out into the deep, so I could love Him more than I feared the night." (What Women Fear, by Angie Smith)

This cancer experience has brought me face to face with deep, paralyzing fears in my life. But I trusted him to be my net and He has never nor will ever let me fall.
Many times we trust ourselves more than we seek God and that is where we normally find ourselves upside down and hanging on for dear life.
He offers so much life in the things He gave us to eat and in the death he died for us on the cross.
 Why is it so hard for us to accept these things?
They are all exactly what we need. What our body and soul yearn for. Yet we look for all the healing, all the answers, all our soul yearns for somewhere else.
Everyone's story is different. We are all going to learn how to trust God in a different way.
It's wild that he has given us all words, love, promises, wisdom in his word.
But that is not enough for us.
We want more.
We want to audibly hear Him.
We want to physically see Him.
And because we don't....
We doubt.
We fear.
And all the while that we are desperately praying and pleading, answers and blessings are coming through things we never expected and in ways we would have never dreamed...
rain clouds,
Could they all be disguised mercies?
God letting us know He is here, he is working things out in ways to know Him better which in turn makes everything better?
He knew this thing called fear was going to trip us up more than anything. Satan was going to use this the most because it is easy for him. He knows we can't physically see God to know He is with us. So fear would be a good way to attack us in every walk of life.
This is why God tells us so much in the Bible, "don't fear", "do not fear", "be strong and courageous".
He is the Almighty
 the One in control
 the One who has all we need for this life and the life after.

Mark 5:34 "Daughter, your faith  has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your disease."

Believe him for what he has for you for natural healing
and for life because....
 the cost for your life was very high and He willingly paid it.

Other supplements you might want to take?
vitamin C and high  alkaline water because cancer can't grow in this environment
pancreatin---breaks down outer covering of tumors
Tumeric (curamed) kills tumors
curamed (curamin) pain reliever
chorella and spiulina regenerates cells

Monday, April 8, 2013


Well, I have just spent the last four days OFF of the Gerson Therapy cancer treatment and I am SO glad to be back on it today! I was having trouble getting my sugar adjusted to all of the juices. Gerson will eventually help this diabetes as well, but I have to battle every day to keep it under control until it starts getting better. I am praying for healing. :)
I am now back on the right track!!
The first day off of the Gerson, I thought, "Wow, this is nice to not have to drink a juice every hour." But as the days went I could tell I was feeling worse and I missed those healthy drinks. :) That first green juice actually tasted good this morning.
I think I have officially crossed over.
You can get there too. If you have started juicing, which everyone should, the juices will taste better as time goes. Your taste buds and body get used to them. Like anything else, it is an acquired taste.
I was in the grocery store yesterday buying a cart load of organic vegetables for this week of juicing, when the young woman in front of me in line started commenting on my purchases. :) There is always someone, either in line, or in the vegetable aisle or the bagger or cashier.
This has been a very interesting time. I have a lot of people asking about Ezzeac Tea and/or Gerson Therapy and some are extremely curious and desiring and want to jump right in, others hear about it and they are either totally skeptical or think they can not even try any of this.
I have to say, I am reading  about big name hospitals, in this country, who are opening their eyes more and more to the benefits of juicing, vegan diets and natural supplements for healing cancer.
I am so adamant about this, that it makes me want to scream at people who I hear are taking chemo, to please try this natural way. PLEASE!!!
I am so thankful that God kept bringing this message into my life until I listened. I thank Him every day.
Living in a state of thankfulness was one of THE BIG things that God taught me through all of this. Being every thankful.

Eucharisteo. The word used in the original translation of the Bible when it says, "he gave thanks".
The root word of Eucharisteo is charis, meaning grace. He saw the grace as a gift and gave thanks. It also holds it's derrivative from the Greek word chama, meaning joy.
From the words of Ann Voscamp's book, One Thousand Gifts, Deep chama joy is only found at the table of the Eucharisteo--the table of thanksgiving. The height of our joy is dependent on the depths of our eucharisteo thanksgiving. 
Joy is always possible when you are being deeply thankful. Let me tell you that is SO true. No matter what is going on, there is a deep peace in being continually thankful.
Giving thanks for everything helps you to live your days and moments better.
In the Bible, Jesus is always giving thanks. Even before he performs miracles. I have learned that thanksgiving always precedes the miracle. He wants us to ask him believing, trusting and THANKING him even before we see it happen.

"The only real fall of man is his noneucharistic life in a noneucharistic world. That was the fall!! Non eucahristeo, ingratitude was the fall--humanity's discontent with all that God freely gives"

It is amazing how a lot of us live in such ingratitude!!! I did it for so long! Taking everything for granted. Just goin along living my life like it was all mine. If Jesus could give thanks in the middle of the mess around him, the least I could do is the same.

I hear sometimes, echoing through the cosmos, some people reading things I write and saying, "yeah, anyone who has cancer would say, they are so grateful now, and their life is changed etc....". I guess it is true that hearing the "C" word come at you will make just about everyone make changes in their lives and thinking. BUT my hope is that some who hear my words will take them to heart BEFORE they would have a life altering event happen.  I wish I had lived differently post cancer. So many years, would have been sweeter.

When you begin living each day in gratitude, you start seizing moments, being in the moment and appreciating everything in your life so much more. You become more joyful. And it helps you to trust God more. In turn, you are closer to him. Isn't that cool? :)

As Ann says in her book, which I HIGHLY recommend, "The greatest thing is to give thanks for everything. He who has learned this knows what it means to live...He has penetrated the whole mystery of life: giving thanks for everything"

Psalm 50:23 He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God"

Healing of our soul and a joy filled life all in one!

Eucharisteo. A lifestyle of thanksgiving.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do you really know how much?

First of all, anyone who is new to my blog and would like information about the supplements I am using and /or the Gerson Therapy, please refer back to the first and second blog post. Also, if you have any questions, you can leave a post at the bottom of the blog with your e-mail and I will get back with you
This regiment of mine is not easy. I, and many others have been excited about the results, but my days are not all pie in the sky.
If you choose to try the Gerson, it is a FULL time job.... Like having a new born, full time job.
You have to have help. Have to!! You have to have time to relax, and rejuvenate, heal and not be stressed by the whole process.
Drinking a juice every hour and doing 4 coffee enemas a day, keeps you close to home. But that's ok.
I'd rather be home than other places I could be.
Try to find the good in it all.
This week I am having a terrible time trying to keep my diabetes under control. If I can get a handle on it, the Gerson will eventually regulate it. But right now, I am having to adjust a lot of things to try to get this where it should be. Exercising is wondeful to bring those glucose numbers down. Unfortunately, the chemo left my bones in a damaged state. So it is very painful to exercise. Some days that gets me down and some days....that makes me mad and I press through only to be VERY sore later on.
The other challenge has been trying to make delicious vegan meals to eat. Especially when I am the only one in the house eating them.
It's going to be ok. :) Don't give up.
God is gracious and compassionate. I will trust Him and He will carry me and heal me. A year from now this will be a memory to write about.
The thing about blogging, especially when you want readers to see God is having to bear parts of your soul and secrets that you never really wanted to "share".
Last year, God "shook" some strongholds loose and freed my life from them. These were keeping me from having the abundant life God had for me.
I didn't even know many of them were there. But that is how the deciever wanted it.
For many years, I felt like I was holding my breath and because I literally don't know how to swim, I was loosing ground fast. Almost to the point that I couldn't hold on any longer.
Then God brought me up for air. His air.
I was full of ungratefulness. I was dissatisfied with most things. Let's just say it...Bitchy.
I always wanted to be somewhere else, always wanted something else in life, when I already had so much to be thankful for.
I carried bitterness. ( I read once where bitterness is the enemy of hope because you keep living in the past and become incapable of of seeing a better future) But for me it was more like I lived too much in the future I thought I wanted and I became incapable of seeing the here and now. As a result of this, I missed out on so many wonderful encounters with precious friends. (Thank you for holding on and still being there)
But when life seems to be unraveling, God is busy weaving a whole new tapestry!
I am so thankful He never gives up on us. He loves us so much he will do anything and everything to let us know and bring us unto himself. It is such a sweet thing. :)
It took time for me to see and KNOW this.
My understanding of God and who He is, was wrong. Thanks to growing up in a legalist church that left me with baggage I carried around until 2012.
Most all my life I imagined God 'keeping score' with everything I did or didn't do. Even down to whether I had my quiet time today or not.  Rarely ever pleased with me. I had this notion of God that shaped my understanding of God.
But he is not who I thought he was.

I grew up a little girl who had to get straight A's, always wanting to please. But never feeling like anything I ever did was good enough. I was always finding fault in myself or what I created or accomplished.
Then I read something Ann Voscamp wrote about the reason I can never believe that I am pleasing to God or that anything I ever do is good enough is BECAUSE I don't believe I am good.
Those of us who have accepted him into our lives, He sees  through the lense of Jesus. And Jesus makes us look good!
God really likes us.
He really loves us.
He really adores us.
You know that verse where God says, "Well done good and faithful servant"? I use to think very few people would have that said to them.
 People like Billy Graham, maybe.
Surely not me.
But I believe for all of us who love him and seek him with all our heart and soul, inspite of our sin, he will say, "Well done good and faithful servant", because we were faithful and he sees us through Jesus.
I am not sure this is all coming out the way I want it to. God loves us so much. He taught me how real and sincere this love is. That HE IS love.
 I don't have to do anything right or pleasing so he will love me.
 I don't have to check any boxes.
Jump through any hoops.
He doesn't have his thumb on me, he is not tapping his foot at me. (it is no wonder we get exhausted and unhappy)
We live out of touch with this love most days. Going about our business, letting 'religion' guide us in our "christianity".
But THAT love for me has always existed.
It picks up the tab for me.
It turns my disasters into good for me.
He is so "real". Personal.
ALWAYS closer than your breath.
Most of all He sent His son to die for me.
What the Father, Son and Spirit wants is a relationship with me. They want me to be a part of them.
And they are a part of me.
 His story is my story and my story is his story.
I take a long deep breath, let out the air, lie back and float in the arms of Jesus.