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Either let God handle it or tell him he can't

April 25, year ago yesterday was the first day I broke down in tears.

I recorded it in my journal. This was the day I was told I couldn't be in the first clinical study they offered me. 

I didn't qualify.

Isn't it amazing how these doctors play with our  lives, like it was some kind of race or game...
"You don't qualify."
"You didn't make the cut."
"You didn't make the team".
"Come back another time, maybe we will have something then."
"I'm sorry we have nothing else to offer you."
"Your diet doesn't matter. Eat whatever you want."

Why do people keep taking chemo when it clearly is not working?
I'm guilty.
They had me believing it was holding the cancer at bay. Twice when the tumors showed small growth, I did finally say, "ok, well that isn't working, so we need to try something else."
I can't tell anyone NOT to take chemo. That is an individual choice and decision. But kn…

How high the cost

I have been told by more people than not, that the information I have given them about healing cancer naturally is too expensive.
How much is your life worth?

I am not trying to be sarcastic. I know there is a dollar cost to this, to anything, including Chemotherapy. But you don't have to take all of the natural supplements that I am taking.
It is most important to be eating a vegan diet and as much juicing as you can.
Here is a website of a young man who used juicing and vegetables to heal his cancer.
I can't stress  how important this is.
The next important thing is to take Ezzeac Tea. (essiac) Ezzeac can be purchased on line and Essiac, the origianl formula can also be purchased on line but is sent from Canada.
This is a proven cancer killer.
 So effective, I can't understand why someone WOULDN'T try it. ???
The other supplements I am taking I am going to list again at the bottom of this post in order of importance, telling why I take them.
Put …


Well, I have just spent the last four days OFF of the Gerson Therapy cancer treatment and I am SO glad to be back on it today! I was having trouble getting my sugar adjusted to all of the juices. Gerson will eventually help this diabetes as well, but I have to battle every day to keep it under control until it starts getting better. I am praying for healing. :)
I am now back on the right track!!
The first day off of the Gerson, I thought, "Wow, this is nice to not have to drink a juice every hour." But as the days went I could tell I was feeling worse and I missed those healthy drinks. :) That first green juice actually tasted good this morning.
I think I have officially crossed over.
You can get there too. If you have started juicing, which everyone should, the juices will taste better as time goes. Your taste buds and body get used to them. Like anything else, it is an acquired taste.
I was in the grocery store yesterday buying a cart load of organic vegetables for this week…

Do you really know how much?

First of all, anyone who is new to my blog and would like information about the supplements I am using and /or the Gerson Therapy, please refer back to the first and second blog post. Also, if you have any questions, you can leave a post at the bottom of the blog with your e-mail and I will get back with you
This regiment of mine is not easy. I, and many others have been excited about the results, but my days are not all pie in the sky.
If you choose to try the Gerson, it is a FULL time job.... Like having a new born, full time job.
You have to have help. Have to!! You have to have time to relax, and rejuvenate, heal and not be stressed by the whole process.
Drinking a juice every hour and doing 4 coffee enemas a day, keeps you close to home. But that's ok.
I'd rather be home than other places I could be.
Try to find the good in it all.
This week I am having a terrible time trying to keep my diabetes under control. If I can get a handle on it, the Gerson will eventually regulate …