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Go ahead....take flight!!

Yesterday, as I sat at my computer, in my sunroom, a very loud thud scared the daylights out of me!
 It sounded like someone slammed themselves up against the house or one of the large picture windows.
My heart was pounding in my chest as I got up to look outside.
Nothing. I didn't see anything.
But my daughter Candace saw something from her bedroom window.
There behind my wash tub of flowers, sitting on the back porch, was a scared, stunned no less, dove.
He must have hit the window. And believe me, he hit it hard!
We decided to let it sit for awhile and allow it to regain it's senses and then see if it was alright.
it sat there from 10-3:00! We would check on it every once in a while and it was still moving.
When my husband came home, he went out to take it some water in a dish. He was very quiet and slid the dish closer to the bird.
All of a sudden it flew into the grass, then, realizing it could fly, it took off and flew perfectly for as far as we could see.
We were so pl…

Healing Naturally Protocol

Chemo and radiation are what kills people.  It is not a way to save a life. I can't stomach the thought or mention of anyone taking chemo. It gives me such a sense of urgency! Please pass this on to everyone! God provided redemption for us in the Garden in more ways than one. He gave us everything we need for nourishment and good health. We have just gotten away from using it and instead rely on man made food and medicine...which our bodies were not made to consume. We are getting tumors and cancer from our environment and mostly from the foods we consume. So we can't keep giving it the same thing that is making it sick and expect the body to get well. If you go to a tab on the left tells about testimonials of lots of people who have healed from cancer and other diseases, using natural methods. Most of them have in common: 1. vegetarian diet (organic) 2. no meat! 3. no sugar (sugar feeds tumors) 4. no salt 5. no dairy or animal products 6. vegetable juices (or…

A Natural Miracle

I haven't blogged in awhile due to taking care of my daughter. She has mononucleosis and has been extremely ill with terrible symptoms including inflammation of her liver. She is now healing naturally and is feeling great today. Tomorrow she goes back to our family doctor to get her liver enzymes checked again. This doctor has been our family doctor for about seven years. He is a middle aged man--probably younger than me, so I would somehow expect him to be a little open minded and well versed in nutrition and its effects--good and bad...but nope!
He was and has always been very narrow minded about what we eat having any positive effects on healing.
I am waiting to see the look on his face tomorrow, when Ashley tells him she did not take his prescribed antibiotic and steroid. She is has been taking all natural supplements and is doing much better.

We have to all come to realize that we are in control of this part of our life.
Food is making us sick.
We make the choice to eat oursel…