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Current Protocol

For those of you wondering about me and wondering about my protocol, this is just an update on my status and what I am doing for a healing protocol at this time.
I will begin writing more on my blog now. There will be another new post soon.

As for my health, I recently had my first HCG test done. ( I would encourage everyone to use this test) It measures exactly HOW MUCH cancer is in your body.
The number results can go into the 10,000's. A result of less than 50 means negative. My results were 52.6, classified as faintly positive!!! I was thrilled and so grateful considering I started with 9 tumors.

Traveling on this journey I learn and research all the time. As a result, I have adjusted my protocol over the last few years.
Here is what I do now....this is by no means telling anyone what they should do. I recommend doing research of your own and deciding what is best for you. and (their videos: The Que…