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The Greatest Expectation

I first wrote about his story in my blog dated last May 15, 2012, titled; How do you want this to turn out?
He wasn't feeling well that day. He was very sick from chemotherapy.
An older couple, Him Italian, Her Hispanic.
He only understood some of what I told him about natural healing. His wife would translate, until I spoke about God healing us, then he understood and agreed.
I tried to guide them in the necessary supplements, how to juice etc...
I haven't see them in months, even though I have kept in touch via email.
Until yesterday.
I got a call, they were here visiting from Guatemala and wanted to see me. I immediately ran out the door  to go see them.
He looks wonderful!

I was so happy and thankful that he is healing and feeling good in the process.  I don't know these people outside the walls of the health food store, but I just love them. I am happy God put them in my path to love.
What does God expect of  us?
Interesting question isn't it.
Sometimes I wonder …