The Greatest Expectation

I first wrote about his story in my blog dated last May 15, 2012, titled; How do you want this to turn out?
He wasn't feeling well that day. He was very sick from chemotherapy.
An older couple, Him Italian, Her Hispanic.
He only understood some of what I told him about natural healing. His wife would translate, until I spoke about God healing us, then he understood and agreed.
I tried to guide them in the necessary supplements, how to juice etc...
I haven't see them in months, even though I have kept in touch via email.
Until yesterday.
I got a call, they were here visiting from Guatemala and wanted to see me. I immediately ran out the door  to go see them.
He looks wonderful!
I was so happy and thankful that he is healing and feeling good in the process.  I don't know these people outside the walls of the health food store, but I just love them. I am happy God put them in my path to love.
What does God expect of  us?
Interesting question isn't it.
Sometimes I wonder if we really want to know the answer to that. More often than not, I would venture that most people would not want to ask that question for fear they would not like the answer or He would require something of us, we don't want to give or do.

If we go back to what Jesus said were the greatest commandments, we will find the answer to the above question. He says to "love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself".
Ok. We think we at least do pretty good at the first part of that.
We love God.
But over all I think we don't do so well at the second part.

We now live in a "Selfie" world of personal entitlement.
 More often than not we don't even consider someone else's feelings, or needs. Or the biggest hurt is that we show love for awhile and then put that person on the back burner, sometimes never to show love again.
God was so serious about this command, that He tells us over and over in the Bible to love one another. But not just in a flippant way, in several places He tells us to
"love each other deeply" and even "with all your heart". 
Richard Stearns, president of World Vision, calls this lack of love, "the Hole in the Gospel", also the title of his wonderful book. He talks about how this, loving each other deeply, is what is missing from our world. It is the part of the Gospel that we have ignored, or cut out...causing a gaping hole in the  whole message of God's word and the message in it for us.
You have to be pretty involved and proactive in someone's life to love them deeply.
 I realize some people we only meet briefly, but in that moment we need to be offering them as much love as we can. You never know what is going on in someone's life or what valley  they are in today....
how much they need that deep love at that moment.
These meetings are no accidents.
no coincidences.
There is a divine reason....always.

Loving like this is something I have been learning more and more the last couple of years.
God is teaching me to be less selfish, more giving, more loving.
I can tell you, I always thought if some thing like this cancer diagnosis ever happened to me or someone in my family, we would be showered with help and love of all kinds because having lived all over the world, God has blessed us with many sweet and tremendous friends who have became like family to us...
or so I thought.
When this all happened to me,
There were friends who I never heard from again. Hardly any helped at all.
Times when I almost died and my family was distraught, there wasn't even anyone to offer a meal.
Thankfully God put an elderly couple in our lives who lived next door  that did what they could to love on and help us.
But that lack of love, was a big, hard pill for us to swallow. Humanly you are very disappointed...down deep.
But spiritually, you know you have God and you don't really need anyone else.
I did learn through this, that we ARE the miracle, help, love and service that others are praying for, that God is sending. WE ARE HIS HANDS AND FEET.
And in being obedient to that call fills our very souls with so much joy and blessing,,,
it is a sweet thing.
So now, I  will always try to do what I can,  to love as deeply as I can. And even though we struggle trying to pay for all of my care, He always somehow provides.  I have vowed if ever God blesses me with an over abundance, I am going to give, give, love, love and make sure no one  that I know has a need, to the best of my ability.
Open your eyes and heart, today.
You have heard of entertaining angels unaware, you just never know who that is in your path.
And receive a heart and soul overflowing.

I am receiving many emails about precious folks who are trying to get a protocol together to heal naturally from cancer. I want to encourage you all to go to This is a great website to get loads of information and help for your to choose from many protocols that DO HEAL your body naturally.
I love getting your emails. Thank you for them. :)
I just want everyone to have as much information as possible so you can make the best decision for you.
Many blessings.


  1. So beautiful...I love how The Lord's message and love is pouring out from you.
    You write so beautifully.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  2. I love your story and everything about the person you have become through your storm. I pray that the lord continues to bless you. I would love to chat with you, my dad (53) had metastasis pancreatic cancer and was told he no longer has it active anywhere and they want him to keep doing chemo... ? Please reach out to me if you have some spare time. God bless you



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