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My eyes were dark. Not in color. But in deaths shadow.
I have heard it said that our eyes are the light into our soul.
My light was burning out. Smothered by the ravages of seven different kinds of chemotherapy.
I can see it in the pictures of me from 2012. The darkness trying to snuff out my light.
But it did not succeed!
Nor will it succeed.
The wonderful thing about light is, if there is even a glimmer of it left, darkness can NEVER overtake it.

Ten Miles. The approximate length of 146 football fields.
 In complete and utter darkness.
 You can't see your hand in front of your face.
 But if a candle is lit at the end of that ten mile stretch in front of you, your human eye could see that flame.
 One because the human eye is an amazing creation of our wonderful God and two because....
Light always pierces the darkness.

Light= illuminates, makes visible, gives comfort, shows direction, gives hope, exposes to real, allows us to see with our eyes and with out hearts.

Our entir…