My eyes were dark. Not in color. But in deaths shadow.
I have heard it said that our eyes are the light into our soul.
My light was burning out. Smothered by the ravages of seven different kinds of chemotherapy.
I can see it in the pictures of me from 2012. The darkness trying to snuff out my light.
But it did not succeed!
Nor will it succeed.
The wonderful thing about light is, if there is even a glimmer of it left, darkness can NEVER overtake it.

Ten Miles. The approximate length of 146 football fields.
 In complete and utter darkness.
 You can't see your hand in front of your face.
 But if a candle is lit at the end of that ten mile stretch in front of you, your human eye could see that flame.
 One because the human eye is an amazing creation of our wonderful God and two because....
Light always pierces the darkness.

Light= illuminates, makes visible, gives comfort, shows direction, gives hope, exposes to real, allows us to see with our eyes and with out hearts.

Our entire life is a fight for the light.

After God created the earth, the very first thing He created was light. And He said it was good.
Light allows us to see and experience our world in a way that darkness never will. Often times  seeing even a small light gives us hope. "The light at the end of the tunnel", is a famous saying offering hope in a situation that seems hopeless. So if light offers hope and Jesus said, "I am the Light", then He IS our hope. And if the way out of the dark tunnel is to follow the Light, then He is correct, He is also the Way.

The light others see in our eyes, is the hope, light and joy deep inside our soul that shines out.
 The window to our soul.

So much in this dark fallen world wants to steal our light. The Enemy finds  great joy in this and succeeds far too often. One of the most awful ways is through our health. The enemy brings sickness, illness and disease against us. Sometimes this is so bad it sends us into a darkness we never wanted to experience. The diagnosis devastates the pit of the stomach and the heart races, the body warms as fear takes over and tears burn as they roll down your cheek.
 Just as the enemy planned.
He is pleased.
 But as my daughter says, " The darker you go the brighter the Light shines". :)
I know how hard this is. But you HAVE to peek out of the fear and open your eyes to see that glimmer of light. There IS hope!
After coming through the journey I have traveled the last two years, and meeting many other people who have also opened their eyes to light and experienced the natural healing that is right there within reach, I can tell you first hand there IS a better and good way into the light that will fill your life and body if you just let it. And that right there is the veil that needs lifted....those words...if you just let it.
It is so heart wrenching to me, the number of people I talk to or who come wanting to  know how to heal naturally but they themselves keep the door closed to the light. They allow fear and lies to keep the window blinds closed, so they cannot see the truth.
We do that with a lot of things in our lives not just healing naturally.
How can any one who reads the truth that I write, or that Chris writes ( or that Ty writes ( and so many others and not believe it, at least be curious enough about it to research, call, ask questions???
 I do realize it is hard to believe due to the way we have been conditioned to trust in the medical system in this country. But many of us are living proof that there is a better way than the chemotherapy that kills 97% of the people who take it and we are here to shine a light for you on the path to healing and a healthy body.

In the Garden of Eden, God provided everything we would ever need to live and survive on this earth and beyond. He provided nourishment with food and healing with food and herbs and deliverance from the consequences of our sin that would separate us from Him forever.
We received redemption when He purchased our way out. He recovered us by the payment of Himself and his blood that now covers those of us who will accept Him. He gave us redemption.
And He took the cancer, all the sickness and disease, the guilt, and the sorrow and whatever else wants to linger in darkness over our lives and he paid the price for it and nailed it to the cross...forever!
We have victory over all of these things.
Some of us don't realize we have that victory, that redemption. That Light.
So then the enemy can  use it against us. Covering us in darkness.
Believe the spiritual world there is bright warm glorious light encircling all around you.
Make the life giving choice to open your eyes and...
SEE it.
Believe in it.
Bask in the warmth of it.
Speak the life of it...because all the powers of darkness cannot drown out a single word of us claiming praises and victory in Jesus!
The Light WILL ALWAYS pierce even the darkest of dark.
Let Him, and all He has good for you, Heal your body and soul.
Don't be afraid. Be Thankful and Step into the Light.


  1. Hello Kay
    I am very inspired by your surviver story. My dear uncle has been diagnosed with advance pancreatic cancer. It is very similar to your case. I am confused about what should be his eating regime. There are some vegetables that pancreatic cancers patients can take and not so much other. Kindly outline what was your breakfast, dinner, and lunch, and which juices did you take? Also how many capsules for each supplements that you took? You can also email me at Thank you so much for your support. May God bless you and keep you healthy with a long life.
    kind regards
    Aisha Khanam

  2. Hi Kay,
    My mom has been diagnosed since march 2015
    They are still giving chemo on and off at first the disease stopped growing but then it started to progress she has tried 5 types of chemo i believe what is making her able to move and all after Allah's blessing is trying to push raw and benefecial foods into her diet and supplements she is taking . I read your blog soon after her diagnosis but couldn't make her follow the regimen as she was too weak and was afraid to say no to her doctors she thought they new best. My question is were you able to religiously follow the gearson therapy a nd what kind of water did you use for drinking cooking and enemas.


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