Starting over.
Always re-NEW..... each day, each week.
Each month that is flipped over on that calendar.
Each black-eyed-pea-Happy-New-Year-Day.
Thanks giving (eucharisteo) always precedes the miracle and Thanksgiving comes before the miracle of Christmas, the miracle that Jesus came right into our mess, And this Christmas miracle, God with us, comes before the New Year or our messes would have no hope for a new  year, no hope for any thing being made new. ..(.Ann VosKamp)
Starting over new.
But are we really starting over....renewing?
Or are we starting over.... AGAIN!!! Trying to make it different this time but still holding onto all the old baggage.  You can not keep doing the same thing and expect to get different results.
Which is why if you are sick with cancer or a degenerative disease, you HAVE to change the way you eat. Your Grandma's genes didn't give that to you. You inherited her eating habits. Those same habits have been passed down for generations so the disease has stayed. Change the way you eat, change your health destiny.
The same is true with our life. You have to change.
Did everything go as perfectly planned last  year? Do they ever? You DID have big plans to change certain things. But....
Your old resolutions fell by the wayside,  your old habits continued.
You didn't stand up to your own expectations--and maybe not to others either.
Fear still lingers.
"So you forgot some notes.
Fear and old habits and people pressure and your own interior playlist can do that to all of us.
But, What if....
When the piece started to fall apart, you fell.....Forward.....into HOPE!
You didn't fret about the music behind you, the mess that was made, You focused on the next bar."
We all get it wrong some days. But the days go on, new days come. It only all goes wrong when we throw in the towel. We have to keep moving....Forward.  Don't dwell on what is behind us or it will ruin the day and new beginning offered.
When it all starts falling apart fall....Forward.
Keep moving. That is what makes the music of your life---you mess up today's music when you dwell in yesterday's music.
2014....Forward... is my word for the  year. This time I am going to try to rely on God instead of trying to fix things myself.
 I am going to look and move... forward to the new beginnings, new days, new blessings and new hope He is offering for me instead of rolling around in all the mud and mess in my mind and past that I keep holding onto and entangling myself in. My mind doesn't like to let go of these things. The enemy always wants to remind me, wants me to worry and stress, wants me to feel guilty, wants me to condemn myself....."There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus". 
That internal turmoil adds to disease and break down of the immune system in my body. Causing and contributing to me being not well.
I am finally in the process of cleaning out that mental house. I am choosing to push all of that mess behind me and not look back--- going forward with God, knowing he has thrown it all as "far as the east is from the west" and "remembers it no more" He wants good for me, for each of  us. He has blessings for us and he desires us to have that close relationship with Him. He wants to delight us every moment!!! :)
He is in us so it doesn't matter what else comes in front of us, it will not be able to overcome us.
He is bigger than all of it. If he can't handle it, you surely can't!!
"Our greatest risk is failing to depend on Him when life seems out of control."
Trust Him!
Do Not be Afraid! (He tells us this):)
Be ever so thankful! and Grateful! Count all the wonders in  your life, all the blessings He has given you. This very new moment in this very new year!
 Be in it! Don't miss it.
This is all we have. Don't waste it on thinking about the past. What could have been, should have been or if only's. Don't waste it on worrying about the future.
All we have is now. This new day in this new month in this new year. A gift.
So on New Year's Eve 2014 you will have no regrets. You will know in your heart you lived each moment and moved forward in the grace, love and joy of the God who blessed you with this one Holy, Ordinary life.


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