Calming Storms

From the top of the hill, where our church sits, I can see it coming, miles away across the Texas Hill Country. The clouds are so dark and heavy. Moving faster and faster as the wind bends the trees and turns those leaves wrong side out.
 I can hear the thunder bellowing over and over louder and louder.
The lights from heaven send streaks across the dark clouds lighting up the sky momentarily.
 The air is heavy. The atmosphere tense and anxious.
 The tv warns of tornadoes, the rain comes in buckets beating on the roof.
Many run for their house, in their basement, under the covers...anywhere to seek protection...trying to calm their fear.
The house and the basement and the covers may only offer temporary comfort.
There is only One who can give you complete protection.
Only one who is the Center, the Calm, who has the power to still your storm.
There was once a terrible storm, on a small sea, a world away from mine. Again, some common men were fearful of the raging storm and had no where to seek shelter as they tried to hold onto the sails of their small fishing vessel.
They only had One hope.
There was only One who could, and did, help them.
What would have happened if they had remained fearful and just battled the storm on their own?
Photo: Storm clouds rolling into Round Rock Texas yesterday, absolutely beautiful.

Pic by Jason Weingart
photo by Jason Weingart
Have you noticed what a majority of the commercials on TV are advertising nowadays?
Gone are the days of Tony the Tiger's Frosted Flakes,
Frosted Flakes

 the Snap, Crackle, Pop of Rice Krispies, Rice a Roni, it's the San Francisco Treat, Coke it's the Real Thing, I am stuck on Band-aids and Band-aids stuck on me, my Oscar Meyer B-O-L-O-G-N-A or Life cereal's, "Hey, Mikey!"
Now it is all, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"call life alert, or Plaxil, Celebrix, or "My name is M-A-R-Y and I have COPD. All kind of drugs with short lists of advantages and long lists of things that can happen to you if you do take the drug...including DEATH!

Gone are days of working hard for a living all day, (for your exercise), being outside in the garden to grow your food (and getting lots of vitamin D).
There was no computer, ipad, or iphone to steal all the moments you could have been relaxing, enjoying your family, building a relationship with Christ, all of which keep us healthy mentally, which is just as important as our physical well being.

Our health has become our Achilles heel. We are constantly battling some health issue but not ever becoming completely healed. We just keep living the way we are and taking more drugs.

So you know why the subject of commercials  has changed? MONEY.
There is more money in pharmaceuticals than breakfast cereal.
We the people have become the "cash cows" of the medical industry. That is what it is, an industry that makes money off of us!
 And we let them.
They have us brain washed into thinking they are the only shelter from our storms. That they are the only ones with the answers to help us.
We all have storms going on inside our bodies. Yet we give no notice to it. We don't take into consideration that everything we do on the outside of our body affects the inside.
Causes the storms.

What if I told you, "You have cancer. Right now." Not you will have but you DO have. The truth is we all have it.
Cancer is not a disease. It is what happens when our bodies have take in so much bad food and so many bad toxins.

Which is an every day occurrence in most of our lives.

Our wonderful, God made, amazing, miraculous body that does its job healing and cleaning up the mess we keep putting it in, until the immune system can't take anymore and it becomes so broken it can no longer clean up the cancer cells.
Tumors develop.
Life changes.

Now the choice you  are facing is to try to seek cover on your own or turn to the only One who has the power to calm your storm.

TRUTH: 9 out of 10 of you will not choose wisely.

Not only has the topic of our commercials changed, the way we live changed, but trusting in the One true God has changed as well.
And we want to know, "Where is God?" As I was told in Sunday School, He is like the sun, He never moves. It is us who moves out of the light. He is right here. He says, " I am with you always." Not sometimes. Our 'wonderful' free will is what makes us think He is not here.
So if He is always right with you, then trust Him to take care of you.
Don't try to ride this storm with one foot in the chemo room and one foot in the juice bar. IT WON'T WORK!!

Cancer and most all degenerative diseases can be reversed. You CAN have a healthy body again.
But you have to totally commit. You  have to be aggressive.
You have to pray and ask and believe God for healing. You have to be thankful for that healing in advance, and thankful for each day, which will bring joy. And joy is good for your mental health. :)
Everyone needs lots of vitamin D. About 20000-25000 iu's a day unless you are in the sun a lot.
Eating apricot seeds every day or taking a B17 protocol which includes B17, zinc and B15. A low dose of B17 if you are wanting to stay healthy, higher if you are battling something.
If you have cancer tumors,  you should be taking large doses of pancreatic enzymes, Beta 1,3D Glucan by Ancient5 (powerful tumor killer) and you might want to try the Budwig Protocol. Highly effective. Check it out

All of us need a couple of parasite cleanses a year. They are the culprit in almost everything. (you will be amazed)
large doses of pure vitamin c.  I like the powder form from healthforce.
Drink Jason Winters Tea, about 4 cups a day.
Essiac Tea
The very best thing we can all do is to eat at least an 80% plant based organic diet. Drink a few juices during the day because that helps your cells get access to mega doses of wonderful nutrients and enzymes.
So I am not a doctor...lets get that stated. Anything I tell you, you try at  your own risk. I must say that. :)
All I can do is tell you what I know from my experience and from the experience of others I know.

For those who are facing the decision about taking chemo or not...the doctors are NOT the authority on healing your body. They will try to convince you that they are. But as God says, "Be strong and courageous. Do Not Be Afraid." He can handle this if you let him. He has given us everything we need. And your body needs to be healed not torn down. Not burned up.

As the thunder of life rages through your body or your world... 

Let Him be the One who calms your storm.


  1. Hello,

    Your story is beautiful testament to the potential power and grace within us all. I applaud your journey and the place it has brought you.
    I do not have cancer. A friend's mom has just, two days ago, been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am hoping that you would be willing to speak with her
    should she be willing to hear from you?

    Joel Oyer

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  3. Thank you for this your broadcast provided bright clear concept.



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