Pieces of the Puzzle

I was staring into a solid area of  white.
Except for three black dots,
 there were no distinguishing colors.
One Thousand precision cut pieces, each one had a specific, perfectly, interlocking place where it belonged--where it fit.
But besides the two dark eyes and one dark nose, ALL the pieces of this puzzle were white!
Somehow, when someone with a lot more skill than I-fit all these pieces together it would form  a picture of a white polar bear with a backdrop of his native environment--snow!

I have one daughter who knows very little about, nor has an interest in working puzzles. So she bought this polar bear catastrophe for her sister, thinking she would love it. :/
My other, puzzle-working, daughter and I know the best puzzles are the ones with lots of color, making for more fun than work.
Being a lover of puzzles, I have often thought over the course of the last two years how very much like a puzzle our lives are. God fitting each piece of our story together perfectly.
And He does it in style.
Never boring, never two stories the same.
And from our point of view, too many times the pieces just don't seem to fit.
We have not seen the completed picture on the outside of the box so we are not sure how these pieces all fit together.
But He knows. There is a reason for each one.
He is not only a great puzzle maker but he is the best at putting puzzles perfectly together even the ones that seem to have no color or life.
I love how He causes things to happen, people to meet that HAVE to be in place so some future piece of our puzzle will fit together.
Let me show you...
I just happened to be living in Saudi Arabia at the same time as Aisha. I didn't know her until I just happened to start making and selling homemade cookies. She somehow heard about this and called to order cookies. Through the cookie order we became "FB friends". But after the cookie delivery, I don't think we ever talked again until she saw my FB posts about me needing prayer because of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis and many months of chemo. Then all of a sudden she is writing me and sending me lots of boxes in the mail containing everything I needed to  begin healing naturally. She pushed me over the edge into the world that would put me on a miraculous healing path.

There have been many of these "God Wink" moments over the last 2 years. He has been so active in my life and journey that I sometimes feel like I am ---well, that my life is like a story in a book. 
 It is a kind of paradox. We are all already a piece of a God sized puzzle but at the same time....
 everything shapes us.
all the emotions, the joy, the fun, the tragedies, the accomplishments, the mistakes, the good days, the hard days, the mundane days. The friends, the relationships, the baggage, the letting go, the togetherness, the aloneness, the discoveries,,, so much.
 A lifetime of shaping us.
The last couple of years has been almost like being in school with God, as always, my teacher. I had a load of "school books" that taught me each step of the way, not only what I needed to know but what would help me through at each marker point along the journey. These lessons were deep and profound. Opened my eyes and heart. Changed me from the inside out.  Quieted my soul. Healed me, and not just physically.
Let me share a quick synopsis of this wonder with you:
"Jesus Calling"---Stay in His presence and focused on Him
"The Hole in the Gospel"---Love Deeply. It is what it is all about and it is what is missing.
"One Thousand Gifts"---(profoundly my favorite) Be ever grateful and thankful, counting  your thousands of gifts (blessings) in each moment.
"The Shack"---He loves me sooo much.
"The Shack, Revisited" ---He just wants a relationship with me.
"Seven Days in Utopia"---Seek His face, Feel His presence, Trust Him.
"Satan, You Can't Have My Miracle" ---Pray with the Power in you, claim it and Believe it!
"The Outlaw" ---Jesus is "REAL" touchable, approachable. More like us than we realize.
"What Women Fear"---Helped me face my fears
"A Short Guide to a Happy Life"--it's the simple things in life. Take lots of deep breaths, be in the moment, soak it up. Enjoy life!
"The Circle Maker"---How to pray boldly. WITHOUT CEASING! AND with EXPECTATION. :)
"Kisses For Katie"---Be self sacrificing. LOVE! This life is about being His hands and feet while we are here.
"A Million Little Ways"--The Creator created me to create. It is ok for me to take time to do what I love.
"Restless"---Let go of your past. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.
"You're Made for a God-Sized Dream"---forming Papa's Garden to help others.
"Soul's Gate"--the Holy Spirit battles for us.
"Chasing God" ---Stop chasing God. He is behind me, chasing me. :)
"In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day"--Be a lion chaser! Take the risk! Face it armed with the armor of God!
"Impossible odds set the stage for amazing miracles." :D(Mark Batterson)
Pretty awesome, huh? :) I had a great teacher.

Oh, and by the way, for those of  your going through  your own "diagnosis" of one kind or another, this may sound like these were all just easy lessons...
 they were not.
But they all shaped me, they were all perfectly timed.
I am human. And though I have learned valuable lessons that have reshaped lots of me, there are times when "the enemy" attacks. There have been weeks, months on end, when he drags my mind through mire and muck. You see, our healing ultimately comes from our mind. Our mental state. Mental, emotional and spiritual well being. If those are not in a good place you are probably going to get even more sick no matter what  you do, conventional or natural. It is THAT important.
Science is finding more and more that everything is about our environment. It is HOW we live, and how well the  mental, emotional and spiritual part of us are, that is determining how healthy we are.
So it is in these times of attack on my mind that past baggage starts resurfacing, hopelessness tries to creep in and present stresses pound in the back of my mind.
Then I can feel me NOT getting well. You have heard it over and over but I am here to tell you STRESS WILL KILL YOU. It will make you sick with lots of diseases that you think are coming from something else. It is a slow fade. But unless you de-stress, it will slowly eat away at you.
Clean your attic.
Surrender control.
Let go of the tight rope.
KNOW what it means that He is God. This is all about Him. This is His story.
Realize you have no control. Let Him do his job and you enjoy your life.
Breathe deep.
Be so grateful and thankful.
No matter what happens it doesn't surprise Him. He is in control. He loves us with His very life. He can take care of anything. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!
 He wants good for you. If you don't get all entangled with stress and trying to manipulate and control, just trusting Him, He then can work wonders and it will be an awesome ride...we will see epic miracles.

Many people from all over the world write to me about their own pieces of puzzle that do not seem to be fitting right now. I can give you lots of advice about eating vegetarian, juicing, choosing to take a variety of supplements that will help you, I continually pray for you but a big piece of the puzzle is going to be missing from your life and healing if you exclude God and faith and trust in Him. Work on your mental, emotional and spiritual life as well as your physical. Remember everything shapes you.

The pieces of our lives are slowly all fitting together to create a beautiful picture. Even though we won't see the completed picture this side of Heaven, we can know the Creator is creating a beautiful picture from the pieces of our one ordinary, messy, beautiful life.

I wanted to add some info about a bit of protocol change for my healing path.
I am back to drinking my Jason Winters Tea 4 times a day and in November, I started taking a B17 protocol which is B17 500 mg twice a day with a zinc tablet each time to  help it work along with a B15 tablet. B 17 from www.tjsupply.com you can read about this amazing vitamin at www.beatcancerwithb17.blogspot.com And on a side note, the bone marrow destruction I had with constant terrible bone pain caused by the chemo I was on...lasted for over a year until about six weeks of taking B17. It is now gone and I feel great! Thank you, God! 

I have also done a parasite cleanse which is probably what most cancer patients need to be doing at some point.

I have added Pancreas capsules to my protocol, about 36 a day. (Raw Porcine) by Nutricology on Amazon.com and a new pancreatic enzyme,,,stronger
MegaZyme by www.enigmatictherapy.com

I want to encourage everyone to go on youtube and look up the "discovery channel documentary Moringa Oleifera Miracle tree" Moringa is worth researching and taking every day.


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