A Choice We Have To Make

Some people's journey's are short trips...
some last a long lifetime.
I don't know how long mine will last but I am so thankful He is in the drivers seat.
There are days when I wish this part of my journey was over.
This chapter closed.
But all things are in God's time.
He has the whole map and knows what stops are best along the way.
If I rushed past onto what I think is the best destination, I will most definitely miss
encounters I need to have,
sights I must see,
lessons I must learn,
experiences I will be blessed with.
These days, there are divine appointments on just about a weekly basis.
He amazes me at every turn.
It seems precious folks with a cancer diagnosis are climbing out of the woodwork.
The evil one is running rampant, that's for sure.
I want people to know God loves them so much. And among all this evil in the world, all these attacks on us...
He has provided ways for deliverance of our souls for eternity, through life giving blood of Christ,  and deliverance of our bodies from sickness and disease through the life giving plants on our planet.
Both of these come to us by Believing and acceptance.
Believing and accepting deep in our spirits so there is no doubt, for the salvation of our soul and believing and accepting with no doubt or no fear, that HE CAN and WILL heal you from the disease wrenching your physical body.
Fear is probably the greatest tool used against us.
Far too effective in many instances.
Through the last year and a half, I have kept a positive attitude, for the most part. But there have been a few times when I have been attacked as well with the weapon of fear.
Either I have to choose fear....
 or I have to completely trust Him.
 One cannot exist if the other is true.
Fear and faith cannot operate at the same time.

Sometimes it is a hard fight.
It takes a lot of prayer, reading God's scriptures and claiming the divine power that is available to me.
Laughter and getting outside and breathing deep also helps.
Speaking life and thankfulness.
If I'm not speaking life, then I am speaking poison.
A negative attitude, whether in the mind or emotions and/or a heart of fear can give an open door for an attack on our physical bodies.
I REFUSE to accept the fear. It is a lie.

"Our desire for a miracle must be so intense we believe in our spirit that it is already done.
Doubt and unbelief are deadly.  He is my Healer and Deliverer."
Just remember that nothing surprises God. And no matter how much our world shakes, rattles and rolls, He never moves.
I am here to tell you there is so much hope and healing just waiting for you.
"Do Not Be Afraid." That message....straight from God himself.
Trust Him to take away your fear and anxiety and trust him for healing. He is the only way and only one, on the earth and beyond who can deliver our souls and our bodies.
The Only One.
Be Safe in His care.
All fear is but the notion that God's love ends.
"Did you think I end, that I will not be enough? I am infinite, child."


  1. Encouraging words of wisdom to conquer all fear!


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