Out of the Darkness

Have you ever been in a room so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face?
Been in a dark place outside where you are trying to make out what you see ahead of you? It looks to be one thing but the darkness has it so distorted and when you come upon it, it is totally different than what you thought you saw?
Darkness distorts our vision in a big way.
But darkness is only the absence of light.
Trying to get a child use to the dark,  you turn the light on, have them look around then turn the light off and back on to show them everything is still the same. But when they look around in the dark there are shadows that make scary images, seeming like there are things present that are not real.
Fear enters because of distorted vision...
and not trusting that their parents are in the room and not trusting their own experience that these bad images are not in their rooms in the light.
We live in a fallen world.
In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam. They had a relationship...loving, trusting, and
never an indication of anything else...
The Fall.
Suddenly Adam and Eve are hiding from God. They are frightened, fearful...
hiding from God!
Hiding from their loving Creator.
Why are they hiding from Him?
Has He ever done anything to cause them to be fearful of Him?
What has changed?
They have now disobeyed and brought sin into the world.
But did that change God?
NO! God is unchangeable. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
So then why are Adam and Eve afraid, if God is still the same? What caused them to be afraid?
The way THEY SAW God is what changed.
They were now seeing God through their own guilt, sin and fear...
Seeing Him through distorted darkness.
Not seeing Him clearly.
So viewing Him and all He is, through the fallen darkness, guilt, shame and sin, passed down through the ages...causing all of us to have a very distorted view of God.
It seems to be very popular to view God as angry, judging, full of wrath, hard to please, distant, punishing, not caring, more partial to some than to others.
So we mostly go it alone. Trying to find our own way. Trying to find our way in the darkness.
You will never find your way through all the distorted darkness of this fallen world without God.
As a result of seeing and viewing God through this distorted darkness, many of us cannot see past the white coats and prescription drugs to the natural foods, herbs and minerals that God has provided for us to be healthy and live the good life He wants for  us.
We no longer trust Him nor believe Him.
I come face to face with the demon of unbelief daily through the faces of so many people who are sick and hurting. People who just don't know if they can trust their lives in the hands of God's remedy over the protocol of their doctors.
As true and as SAD that is, I know how that feels.
But I also know, 18 months ago, if I had actually known a person who was healing naturally, not just something I read on the internet, I would have BELIEVED. I would have jumped at healing naturally.
Now,,,,I want every one to know...I AM A REAL PERSON.
I can testify honestly to God's healing protocol. Good nourishment for your body to heal and help you feel well. I can put you in contact with others that you can actually talk with as well.
Before you or someone you know takes another drop of chemo or radiation, PLEASE contact me through email hopeinthgarden@gmail.com
As awesome as everything is that I am learning about good health, about myself and about God, this has been a tough journey. It was tough physically last year during 7 different kinds of chemo. It has been tough mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And it all began with the start of my Pastor, Max Lucado's sermon series entitled, "You'll Get Through This".
Looking back now, it reminds me of Joshua when he took over leading the Israelites after Moses died.......

God knew this new/next assignment was going to be a tough one. It was going to take focus, digging down deep inside to keep the mind steadfast and well.
It was going to be dangerous...he would be under attack.
It was going to take relying on God completely.
He tells Joshua repeatedly,
"Be strong and courageous."
"Be strong and very courageous."
"Be careful to obey"
"Be careful to do everything I tell  you"
"Be strong and courageous"
"Do not be afraid"
"Do not be discouraged"
He tells him he will lead
He will go with him wherever he goes.
Then the  Holy Spirit puts these same exact words in the mouths of the Joshua's people to encourage Joshua,
"Be strong and courageous."
Early on, Joshua was one of only two, who had been completely confidant that God would take care of them and help them on this dangerous journey.
The path ahead was not going to be easy.
But God KNOWS the way...
The world does not.
Joshua found strength and courage in his relationship with God, and so do I.
Like the Israelites, we have never been this way before.
If we follow God, we will know the way to go.
And He will do amazing things in us.
More than once, Joshua prepares for battle and even before the instructions are given, God tells him, "Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged." God knows that some of the greatest weapons of the world are fear and discouragement.
But Joshua passed the encouraging words of God onto His people.
The Lord fought for them.
He fights for us everyday. Spiritual warfare is going on all around us.
He battles and protects.
We are oblivious.
In Joshua's dying words he reiterates,
be strong
be careful to obey
hold fast to God
Love the Lord your God.

None of God's promises ever fail.
I promise you, you CAN trust Him and His ways and gifts.
The world wants you to continue to see things through that distorted darkness. It is more profitable for them if you don't see clearly, if you don't trust the natural way of life.
But Jesus is the LIGHT. You can see clearly when  you follow Him.
He is the TRUTH. What He provides and tells us will always stand to be true.
He is the WAY. He has provided good for  us to fully live a healthy life in this world while we are here. We need to trust Him. He warned us to be strong and courageous to lean on Him and He will bring us through. He loves us all so much. He wants us to be well. He is handing the healing to us and we have to decide to take it from his hand or turn and trust the way of the world more.

Trying what doesn't seem possible is always the place where fear meets faith and the face of God.


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