The Secret of Life

Is it a race against time or is it living on borrowed time?
I don't believe either one of these but I have heard both of these statements from cancer patients, along with....
Get out your bucket list.
Pray for a miracle.
Live each day to the fullest.
Be happy.
I had someone tell me recently they didn't understand what that meant to be happy. She was content she said, but happy depended on the day. I think your outlook shapes your life more than your life shapes your outlook. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to what happens to you.

What does it take to be happy?
Will finding the secret of life make you happy and....What  is the secret of life?
I read where this question was put to a group of monks and their response is right on target. The monks say that the secret is to find God in the present moment. The secret is all around you. Here are some of my "secrets of life". :)
the sound of crickets on a summer night
hymns gliding out the open windows of a country church
catching lightening bugs
my grandmother's chicken pie
the cool side of a pillow
freshly painted toe nails
getting on your knees to pray
new socks
the smell of new sneakers
picking the first veggies from your garden
the sweet smell of strawberries
lifting the lid when the homemade ice cream is finished
pictures taken holding lots of memories
a new box of crayons
long evening walks
the feel of your toes in the newly plowed garden dirt
having the spirit to never take no for an answer
the rush of the ocean waves against my legs
someone surprising me with flowers
that feeling when the house is completely clean
my kids telling me, "You rock, Mom"
cuddling a newborn
creating crafts
jingle bells
laughing so hard you cry
the sound of wind chimes outside my sunroom
loving neighbors bringing over banana bread
the beautiful way God paints the sky every day! 
Candace's curls
Ashley's silky hair
my husband's strong hands
my sons
a good friend's voice on the other end of a telephone ring
going to the movies
helping someone
gazing on city lights as I land from an evening flight
letters in the mail
sweet pea lotion
being called Mama
being called Nana
God light
God wink's in my life
Lazy Summer Day geraniums
freckles on my kids faces
changing leaves in the fall
birds that sing outside my bedroom window, in the dark, at 3:00 a.m.
loving friends praying over me
scrapbook paper
tree branches making a tunnel over the road
fields of blue bonnets
loving friends praying over me
hearing the turning of the crinkly pages of my Bible
someone getting up early and making me a full days vegetable juices
having a good cry
piano music
burning the good candles
using the good dishes
praying for others
singing Christmas carols in July
sitting up all night talking
trying not to laugh when your in trouble for something that was fun
jeans that fit just right
sitting on a porch swing watching it rain
traveling to far corners of the world
strolling through back streets of exotic places
airport souvenirs
smiling at strangers
having dear friends all over the world
being someone's helping hand
knowing God loves me
knowing God takes care of me
following my heart
having faith
being so blessed
being thankful every day
The secret of life is no secret!
The secret is sprinkled all over your life. It's celebrating what already is. Right here. Right now. All around you.
This was just a SMALL piece of my list. Not only are these some things that have made my life happy but they are things that I am so thankful for. They are all gifts.
 I would like for you all to comment and send me some "secret of life" from your life. Tell me some of those little things that make you happy from your story.
Drink  your juice
Eat your vegetables
take your supplements
Ask God to heal you
Have faith..believe He will
enjoy your moments
Heal. Be well.
Be Happy :)


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