How Do You Want This To Turn Out?

I saw him sitting in a chair, his hat in his hands and bald head hung low.
As I began talking to his wife about natural healing supplements, she abruptly stopped me and told me, in broken English, to please come and tell her husband.
He raised his head and looked into me.
There was a language barrier. But when I told him God had provided everything to heal him if he believed, as soon as I said, "God" his eyes brightened, he pointed at me and said,"Yes, Yes!"
He understood the word, "God". God is universal.:)
This couple lives in Guatemala, although the gentleman is Italian.
 They are here in San Antonio because he has tumors all over in his body, including on major organs. He is undergoing chemotherapy treatments, while staying with relatives not too far from our town's health food store, which is where they entered my life.
His platelets were so low last week, he could not take his treatment. (taking the chemo caused this. It always destroys) They were in the store searching for something to bring his blood platelets up and something to make him feel better.
 He was not feeling well.
They were desperate for help and hope. We gave him some supplements to help his blood and by Monday they were perfect and he resumed his treatment.
I am trying to coach them about healing his cancer naturally.
I wanted to plead with this sweet soul of a man to please don't take the chemo.
But that is a decision he has to make for himself.
His wife told me his kids would never allow him to stop chemo. Inspite of that, I saw in him and heard from him, that he did believe God gave us everything to heal.
I did encourage them to have hope. I don't believe it is too late. Even when we know the truth, we sometimes get caught up in so much more in this life and others voices drown out THE ONE who has all the answers and the greatest love.
Everything is possible for one who believes.
But what we actually DO goes back to that free will.
There is a much bigger picture.
There is a lot more going on here than what we can see.
A spiritual battle not only for your life here, now, but far more important, a battle for your soul. We go about our daily lives and just don't realize what is going on. How much God is working around us, because of his great love for us.
The enemy doesn't want us to use the good things God gave us. He wants us to be sick and defeated. He doesn't want us to listen to God. So we make choices out of fear.
We should be more scared to MISS what we could have had.
Put yourself into a story in the Bible....
You find yourself needing healing (physical, emotional, mental etc...) you go to Jesus.
 He says to you, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?"
The Lord standing face to face with you, asking you this question.
The blind men in the Bible replied, "Yes, Lord!"
That is all it took for that mountain to be moved!
 That faith to believe, to know in your heart, "Yes He Can."
He says, "According to your faith, let it be so."
Miracles are not against the laws of nature. What we call miracles, are actually the way He intended life to be every day for us...until sin entered.
I have been trying for months now to get everyone to believe in natural our bodies naturally good things and watching it grow, heal and feel wonderful again. has been hard.
Not many want to listen, or hear.
 I have become that "weird" friend who has gone off the deep end with all things natural.
Well, hey! We are all standing on the edge and I want to make sure you fall on the right side. :)
I am going to continue to pray for all of those who are sick with cancer or other diseases, who NEED this natural treatment, that they will "see the light".
God has never refused an intercessory prayer. I am living proof of that.
So don't give up and don't give in. Eat your vegetables, drink your vegetable juices, take good supplements, get some Essiac Tea.
Believe with me.
"Joy is always worth the wait and fully living worth the believing"
So how do you want this to end?


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