It's the Simple Things

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog.  I was busy getting tangled in life.
Getting too far from the simple things that matter.
In this time that has passed, I also had my sixth month cat scans. Lots of people were waiting to hear the results.
I never posted them. 
I had to have time to process. I don't want anyone to get discouraged in what I am about to tell you.
My cat scans this time showed very small growth in the tumors. I did not lose my faith.... I know and believe God has  healed me, but I did feel like someone punched me in the stomach. ONLY because I am tired.
I have became weary and tired of all that I do in my protocol to heal. I have allowed it all to become way too complicated and tangled and messy and overwhelming.
Dragging me down.
Wearing me out.
Causing me to lose sight of and not rest in the Light and the Truth. This is not ever what God wants for us. Like Peter, I had gotten my eyes off of the One who kept me above water.
So the days following my scans I was in the midst of preparing for Christmas and after that news, I walked around in a fog. Moving like a robot. Mechanically doing everything that needed done.
A few days later, when I finally stopped to breathe, I thought,  ok, what did I do differently earlier this year, than I did the last half of the year?
Then I remembered.
In the fall of last year, I met a man who had healed naturally from brain cancer. He sent me over his protocol. Much of it, was pretty simple, juicing, vegetarian eating, vitamin c, garlic etc.. But he was also drinking Jason Winters Tea. I went to and read about this wonderful tea healing so many from cancer and other ailments. I ordered some and started drinking it last November (2012). I drank it religiously 4 times a day. Then in February 2013, I began juicing and taking a lot more supplements that were on the Gerson Therapy. The first week of March I had a 20% decrease in the cancer tumors. I kept drinking the tea but was not as devoted to it, as I had begun taking every supplement that came down the pike that someone else had a good result with.
In June, I had a little decrease.
In June, I stopped taking the Jason Winters Tea, thinking oh, this is just tea, I have all of these supplements to take.
Six months later, December 9, I have cat scans and there is now a growth.
The tea.??
Could the answer be so simple?
I pushed it aside as I was drown in the chaos of 20 something boxes of Christmas decorations, shopping, wrapping, mailing, baking.
Too much.
I was tired. My mind went back to that question of could the answer be so simple?
Then Max preached about an ordinary night bursting forth with extraordinary light, ordinary shepherds receiving a visit from holy angels,  an ordinary manger becoming the bed for royalty, an ordinary girl bringing forth the King of the world.
So simple. God using the simple things of this world to bring forth His glory.
My Christmas' had gotten away from being a simple time of worship. A Holy Advent awaiting the birth of the Christ Child. Away from letting Christ fill me up.
Away from being simple and holy.
As 2013 moved along at lightening speed, I had gotten away from the constant worship in my heart, the gratitude, the calling of miracles in my life, gotten away from relying on God for my healing, from listening to His guidance. This was the other thing, besides the tea, that was different in the first part of the year from the last part of the year.
We complicate things so much in our "religion". Actually driving people away with the legalism in religion.
God made it all so simple....just Faith.
He didn't come in fan fair and he doesn't expect fan fair.
God chooses the path of least likelihood.
So I am spending these quiet days between Christmas and the beginning of a new year, drawing closer to the simple faith of God and drinking my juice and my tea made of the natural vegetables and herbs of this earth He created. Trusting Him for the healing.   Because from no where else does the healing come. Only He is able to heal my body and my life.
It's the simple things.
Simple stable manger.
Old wooden Cross
simple life.
Just faith.

Please watch the video below and try to simplify your life. Enjoy each day, each moment of it.

Sand Castle Builders


  1. Thank you for sharing the information on the tea. I researched their web site and ordered some!!
    Take care of yourself, drink your tea and juice!!
    Peace & Raw Health,


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