What color is your October?

How pink is your October?
I don't know, what part of the world you are living in, but where I grew up, October was filled with brilliant yellows, oranges, reds and browns. Fall colors, Fall leaves. Cooler weather and cotton sweaters.
Gorgeous.Photo: Taken from Olsen Tower in Tucker County.  Taken By Mike Hardy
My favorite time of the  year.
In October anything might be possible. The hillsides turning from a solid green carpet to God's bouquet of colorful flowers. How amazing is that? What a miracle.

But this year, instead of being met with that familiar Fall theme, everything in the whole front of the store is PINK!
Pink clothes, pink ribbons, pink pans and even pink appliances. Everywhere, people are wearing pink clothing.
T-shirts, hats and bumper stickers, that say, "Race for the Cure". Is this pink suppose to bring hope? Being diagnosed with any kind of cancer is not a time to celebrate anything. This pink campaign is not helping anyone except the people who are sticking the money in their pockets. 

In case someone out there doesn't know, this is the "find a cure for breast cancer" campaign. More specifically the Susan  G. Komen campaign.
Now,  I could write a whole lot of enlightening information about the Komen organization, but that is not my motive at this time. However, you can obtain lots of eye opening knowledge online. Go to youtube and type in "Pink Ribbons, Inc."

I don't mean anything in this blog to be disrespectful or insensitive. I am a cancer  thriver myself. But I do not support nor will I ever endorse the Pink Komen campaign, or  the American Cancer Society. They are raising billions of dollars for research to "try to find the cure". When actually what donators are  doing is making some people very rich.
Ask yourself, why after 30 years of cancer research and billions of dollars raised, why haven't they found the cure? The cancer survival rate has not improved much at all, for most cancers, over the last 40 years. I am not condemning anyone who has donated or helped out with raising money for these organizations. You were giving from your sincere heart. Caring. And bless you for that.

They tell everyone the cure is just around the corner.
My answer is they are going down the wrong road!
Why not try this colorful October campaign? The God of the Universe is showing himself off in a big way. He wants to delight us and most of all He wants our attention.

Couldn't it be possible in this October of miracles all around us in nature that just maybe this nature has a miracle for you?
 Trust the One who can turn a whole world a rainbow of colors instead of the ones who want to turn your world pink. 
He has so much life and healing to offer.
He doesn't have to LOOK or RACE for the cure and you don't have to wait any longer...
Our environment and the way we eat and the stresses we live with, the unnatural things in our food, I believe these are all contributors to any kind of cancer. The answer then is to change these things.
Give your body a cleaner environment to live in. Give your body nourishing, organic, natural foods and herbs so it can heal the way God made it to heal.
There is a growing army of people like me who are trying so hard to help others take off their pink colored glasses and see the beautiful natural world that God made for us, not just to enjoy but to use to heal our bodies.
I recently met a Doctor who healed naturally from breast cancer. She is an amazing woman and has an even more amazing healing story. She is "empowering women around the globe to prevent and heal breast cancer naturally". Please go to her web page www.breastcancerconqueror.com and under the "about" tab at the top, click on "videos". She has an eye opening video on there about how she cured her own breast cancer and actually had the tumor extract right out of her body.
Let me give you some great resources on the internet where you can get a load of helpful information for your healing and also tremendously, inspiring stories about others who have and are healing naturally from cancer and other diseases.

These are just a few, then go on youtube and  type in "healing cancer" and there are so many testimonials, you won't get them all watched in one day.
We are not all just a coincidence, healing from a devastating disease by accident. There is a whole lot the doctors are not telling you.
This is real.
This is urgent.
Open your eyes to see the healing God is offering you and the beauty all around  you.

WoooHoooo!!!  Spectacular sunset from Bridlegate Ranch, Bandera, TX.  (view full size!!)   --CG

(awesome pic by Michael Scott Foster who said, "God Bless Texas!")   <3


  1. Hello, I just saw your video on Chris Beat Cancer and think it's awesome what you have done/are doing. I am a 3 almost 4 year survivor of Stage II Breast Cancer and I treated myself completely naturally. I only had lumpectomy. Please check out my blog. http://makeyourhearthappy.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-story.html
    Stay strong, be encouraged God has a plan for your life. Sharing your story gives people courage and hope.


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