In the Blink of an Eye

First of all, everyone who asked for my health regiment have to know, God does the healing. He is the ultimate healer and the only way that any healing is ever possible. It is by all the good things He gives us for our bodies, it is by His almighty power, it is by prayer, it is by the cross where He took all these sicknesses and diseases along with our sin. So He gets the glory. Only through Him is this possible.
The last few days I have spent a lot of time at the START center getting prepared for the surgery I had yesterday to remove my metaport and today trying to recover from the anesthesia. It knocks me for a loop. :)
When I was checking in today in the triage room, I observed a very thin, frail, elderly lady who was there for treatment. She wasn't a typical elderly lady. I could tell she was once very fashionable. It was almost like her life just fast forwarded transporting her to this day. Her hair was still long and her clothes still of a young woman's style. But now her body was bent, her hair gray and white and cancer was taking her life.
She was sad.
Her life had been changed in the blink of an eye.
As was mine in Januray 2012.
The doctor in the ER said, "You have multiple tumors. One on your pancreas, one on your liver and several throughout your abdomen. Nine or more. I'm so sorry."
All of a sudden one day your whole life turns a corner and you find yourself in a place you never wanted to go and there is no going in reverse.
You MUST choose to go forward.
It is the only way out.
Sometimes this change steals the life we knew and the life we want. But you have to know, when this happens to you, and it will in one way or another, He is still in control. He never fell asleep,and no other force or power is stronger. These things are all as a result of a fallen world. He knew all these fearful things would be used against us. Which is why He tells us in scriptures "Don't be afraid" or "don't fear", 365 times, one for each day of the year.
We wonder where He is.
We may not always see it right away but He is right in the middle of the mess.
The 2012 Mess has given me the opportunity to trust him like I never have before.
 What seemed like it was the end of the road was actually an opportunity to open my eyese and see something I had never seen before.
Through these "blink of an eye changes" that can hit our lives, we HAVE to trust and lean on the One who calms the storm. If we don't the "fallen-ness" of this world WILL over take us.

In most stories there are acknowledgements. Mine is no different.
 In telling this huge story that God has been writing through me this past year, there are quite a few people who I need to acknowledge. And what is so cool is how all of these people are part of a puzzle whose pieces fit in perfectly in 2012. God used each of them. Here are just a few:
Aisha who first bought cookies from me in Saudi Arabia and later adamently, insisted I was going to be apart of the Gerson Therapy by sending me everything I needed along with many long instructional and encouraging letters.
Several dear friends who helped us financially
So very many friends, family and  many I don't even know who prayed earnestly  for me week after week.
My Pastor, Max Lucado whom God sent to hold me up while the rug was being pulled out from underneath me
Dr. Siberidou, who told me not to eat meat, to laugh and enjoy life
Ann Voscamp who taught me to be ever so grateful and thankful
Angie Smith who taught me not to fear
C. Baxter Kruger who helped me see how much God loves me
D'Ann who pushed me and carried me into the world of natural supplements
Michele who loved me and treated me like "normal" no matter what was going on and who let me run away to her house when I needed a vacation
Dr. Allison Garner, Becky Stephens and Carolyn who were not only a great doctor and nurses but encouraging prayer warriors
Dr. "Papa" whom God is using in great ways
Jerry and Lindia who offered a great diet and much prayer and hope
Art and Gail Castenon deep fasting, prayer warriors who loved on us in sweet ways
Candace and Ashley, I can't even find the words to thank you for your sweet love, help, prayer, encouragement, and laughter. I couldn't have made it through without you.
Logan, what a gift and blessing you are. I could never have asked for anyone to love and care for me more than you have.
I am sure there are more people to thank.
More people who have came into my world all because my life changed in the blink of an eye.


  1. You need to write a book...your words are powerful & have the ability to reach those reading them. Your story is truly a miracle. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of you & your faith. You inspire me to be a better person. I love & miss you.


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