One Thing Remains

When you think of things that remain, do you instantly think of things that are left over, or something that stays the same? Or is it both?

From 49 years, I had left over memories, photos, memorabilia, scars, baggage, an ungrateful heart and a bad attitude. I wondered what the new year of 2012 held for me.
I had plans.
So did God.
He was about to shake out my life and see what remained.
I knew God at an early age. When I say, I KNEW God, I mean that I accepted Him in to my heart. I repented of my sins. I said the sinners prayer. I asked him to be Lord of my life and to save my soul and give me a home in Heaven one day.
Those of you who are familiar with that prayer and the Bible's instructions on this, know what I mean.
I was saved.
Even though, from that time on I was sure I was going to Heaven when I died, getting to know God was a lifetime classroom. Of which, I was not always the best student. I am stubborn, I don't take NO well and I can be very manipulative.
I deeply desired to know Him more but I was afraid to surrender to Him. If I did he might cause me to get cancer to teach me a lesson. Hahahahaha.

That thought came from a poisonous thought that was fed to me at a young age that God is just waiting with a yard stick to smack me!
God didn't give me cancer.
 But he took what was meant for evil to me, and he turned it into good.
Because that's how much he loves me.
The past 14 months was something I never wanted to happen to me. But I would NEVER have wanted my life to go on without it.
 It HAD to happen and I NEEDED it.
Amidst all my stubbornness and independence, I still always deeply believed all the great truths in the Bible. So when I was told I had 9 tumors in my abdomen and the doctors had hardly ever seen this type of cancer and they weren't sure how to treat it and they had never really had any positive results for this type....All of that SELF fell away.
I knew the only one who could help me was God.
He was all I had. There was no where else to turn.
He was my rock that was higher than I was.
His grasp that was tighter than anything that had a hold on me.
He is stronger than cancer.
I believe he still heals everyone who comes to him and asks for healing with a believing and thankful heart, just the same as he did when he walked the streets of Jerusalem. It is like Max said this morning. He always heals, whether it is instantly, gradually (me) or ultimately.
I chose to hold on to him with every bit  of life in me, leaving everything in his hands, not mine. I am human and far from perfect. There were times when the world's "death" diagnosis tried to beat me down. The mind can wander to terrible places. This was not an easy journey.
The Holy Spirit gave me strength and through that God was glorified.
I did the chemo.
 Seven different ones. I was unsettled with taking all of them. I was constantly looking at other avenues. God brought all the natural things into my path that I should be consuming to be well. It still took personal one on one convincing for me to step over the conventional line to try what should have been my natural first recourse.
Through the natural supplements, eating lots of veggies and good things, specific juices and detoxing enemas, God is healing me. And He is being glorified because others are  hearing about him. Some can say God has nothing to do with it. But they would be sadly mistaken. God is the one who created all the healing elements I ingest. And God is all powerful, and who we will all answer to in the end, so inspite of what I eat or do, he could still choose to take me home now.
It is all by  his hands. And the prayers of so many play a part.
Cancer is not a death sentence like the medical world wants us to believe. He has made a way for our bodies to heal. Money and power don't want you to know about it. Many in the world make their livelihood from our illness. (These are not all bad people. I have been blessed to have wonderful care givers.)  It sickens and saddens me now that I know the truth of a better way.
I hate seeing SO many sick people at the cancer "treatment" center. My heart hurts for them. Not only because they are inflicted with this disease, but also, I hate seeing them being inflicted with chemotherapy.
I know, there are people who are cancer free because of chemo. But I believe there is a better way and a more permanent way.
If anyone has any questions about the juicing and supplements, I would love to talk with you about it. :) I know it is a lot. It can occupy your day completely. But it is better to be juicing at home than being a victim, chained to a pole, while a liquid, that is somewhere between white lightening and plutonium, fires through your whole body killing just about everything in its wake.
And I would hope that anyone who has cancer would also be taking the Ezzeac Tea. It is highly effective against cancer. If you would like to purchase it from Nature's Presence here in Boerne, Ms. D'Ann will give you a discount if you tell her you read about it on my blog. :D

I want to write more sometime about all the "Stuff" God shook off of me this past year. I am so thankful that he is what was left.
One of the most precious things God taught me is how very much He loves me. (I can't even describe it!!!)  I will have to write a blog about it sometime. And how faithful He is. How he is ultimate in power. How he cares about every bitsy piece of our life and wants to be involved in it.
 And when everything else is gone he isn't just leftover. He and his love was and will ALWAYS be there.
One Thing Remains
And it goes on and on and on .....


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